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Jacques Guillemeau (1549 - 1613) and Johann Verbrugge - Der auffrichtige Augen- und Zahn-Artzt, Oder Hundert und dreyzehen Augen-Beschwerungen, mit ihren Ursachen, Signis und Curen: Nebst einem Anhange von allerhand Zahn-Curen, 1706, Dresden. (The Honest Eye-, and Tooth-Doctor, or 113 Eye Conditions, with their Causes, Symptoms, and Cures: In addition, an Attachment of All Sorts of Tooth Cures.)

Jacques Guillemeau was born in 1549 in the French town of Orleans. He was one of the most important pupils and promoter of Ambroise Pare’s work. In Lehrbuch der Geschichte der Medicin: und der Volkskrankheiten, Volume 2, Jacque Guillemeau is described in a chapter entitled: Pare's students and contemporaries by Heinrich Haeser (Jena, Verlag von Gustav Fischer, 1881): "First among Pare's pupils that publicized his work belongs to Jacques Guillemeau (1550-1630) of Orleans, doctor at the Hotel-Dieu, and surgeon to (the French kings) Charles IX and Henry IV. Pare's teaching spread mainly through him. Guillemeau's own works are significant primarily because of his extensive education and experience; they mainly focus on gunshot wounds, trepanation and aneurysms. Even more important was his introduction of swaddling (girding) of new born babies." (translated by AIS from German). His book Traité des maladies de l'oeil qui sont en nombre de cent treize, ausquelles il est suiect, a book on which the current translation is based on, was considered the best (probably the first) dedicated to ophthalmology.

Jacques Guillemeau - Traite des Maladies de L'oeil. Paris 1585, was first translated into Dutch and 1678 by Johannes Verbrugge, a volume that was later translated into German in 1706. The original Guillemeau book has no section on teeth. Most likely that portion was entirely written by Verbrugge. The volume in our collection is the 1706 German translation.

Editorial notes by Andrew I Spielman.

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Der auffrichtige Augen- und Zahn-Artzt (1706) >>>

The original French edition: Traité des maladies de l'oeil qui sont en nombre de cent treize, ausquelles il est suiect, from 1585 is found at Biusante >>>