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yi ye

"As a cancer pain researcher, my dream is to develop novel mechanism-based therapies for patients with intractable cancer pain. The NYU Dentistry clinical research program definitely brings my dreams closer. The enriched coursework and hands-on practices provided me with a panoramic view of the world of clinical research, yet with enough details and depth of knowledge that I can apply readily for my own research. The faculty and staff are so resourceful and friendly, you feel like you're living in a tight-knit family!"

                                        -Yi Ye, PhD, MS (Class of 2013), CPI, MBA candidate

  Assistant Professor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  Associate Director of Clinical Research Operations,
  Bluestone Center for Clinical Research

  NYU College of Dentistry




"My passion for research and dentistry led me to the Master's Program in Clinical Research in 2007. The program is truly one of a kind; It allowed me to work with a diverse group of students and faculty with backgrounds in dentistry, medicine, epidemiology, clinical research, and industry. Through the program I learned about research design, data management, and statistical analysis, while developing scientific writing and public speaking skills that have helped shape my career today. After the program, I served as the Statistician for two Gastroenterology studies, one of which was published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology. In May of 2013 I graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. I have started my career as a General Dentist in Dallas, Texas and plan to return to academia in the future."

- Dana Tievsky Koren, MS (Class of 2009), DDS




"With an experienced faculty and comprehensive curriculum paired with a renowned institution, the clinical research program at NYU's College of Dentistry is top notch. This program allowed me to continue pursuing a career as a clinician, and was an integral part of my success."

- Manish Patel, MS (Class of 2009), DDS

(*Manish was the co-valedictorian of the 2013 DDS class)




"The clinical research program allowed me the freedom to explore many areas of clinical research: epidemiology, biostatistics, journal review, leading up to designing and writing my own research protocols.

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in the NYU Dentistry faculty. The professors are leaders in their respective fields from dentistry, medicine, epidemiology, and industry etc. I had the opportunity to work on NIH-sponsored research as well as be a part of industry-sponsored trials at NYU's Bluestone Center for Clinical Research. The mentoring in the program, which I still utilize to this day, was extremely valuable.

Graduates leave with a passion for the research process as well as a solid skill set that will allow them to excel in academia or work in industry. After graduating from the Master's program, I landed a job for a leading CRO (Clinical Research Organization) and later went on to do monitoring for medical device and pharmaceutical trials as a consultant. My love for academics has led me back to school to study medicine."

- Dulip Ratnasoma, MD, MS (Class of 2007)




"The Clinical Research Program in New York University College of Dentistry is one of the best clinical research programs in the U.S. It is supported by the impeccable reputation of New York University which is located in Manhattan, New York, a world class city.

I joined the Master's Program in Clinical Research in 2007 and thoroughly enjoyed the learning imparted by experienced faculty members. The sweet memory of being in New York City and spending time with fellow students from all over the world has enriched my life forever.

As a an international student with a pharmacy background from India, I also worked part time (20 hours/week) at the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research at NYU, the practical arm of the program. This part time job provided me an opportunity to gain valuable experience and also helped me financially. The learning and training I received during the program has been instrumental in getting a full time job in Clinical Research Industry in the U.S. Today, I am a Clinical Study Manager in a major pharmaceutical company.

In summary, I would say that the experience of attending NYU was the best thing which has happened so far in my life both personally and professionally. I believe that this program is worth every penny."

- Paritosh Lamba, MS (Class of 2009), CCRA

   Clinical Study Manager at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals




"The Masters Program in Clinical Research at NYU is a really unique program since it provides a strong educational background along with the opportunity to work in research studies being conducted at the medical & dental schools and affiliated centers. Since the faculty teaching in the program are from academia and industry, the students are able to get both perspectives and are well trained to be able to work in NIH sponsored, investigator initiated or industry funded clinical trials."

- Shikha Mehta (Class of 2006), BDS, MS, CCRP




"As a Biomedical Engineer in Academia, I did not have the opportunity to receive mentoring in Clinical Research through the traditional routes of a dissertation or a fellowship. The Graduate Program in Clinical Research, at NYU's College of Dentistry, provided the exact blend of theoretical coursework and hands on application that I was seeking. Bioethics, Literature Review, and Research Design courses provided the rational and fundamental understanding of clinical research principles, while Biostatistics, Federal Regulations, and Data Management courses provided the real-world understanding and implementation of concepts.

As Director of the Image Reading Center, a Contract Research Organization providing study management and image analysis services to the pharmaceutical industry for large-scale national and international multi-center Clinical Trials, the Clinical Research Program helped me identify the underlying foundations of Clinical Research. The knowledge and experience I gained at NYU Dentistry has helped me to implement advances in imaging technology that enhance a study's protocol and endpoints."

- Mark Punyanitya (Class of 2005), BS, Cert. CR

   Biomedical Engineer




"This program offers a comprehensive approach to clinical research and great opportunities to actively participate in the field. After graduating from the first class in 2003, I worked as a clinical research coordinator for years in an academic setting and then obtained residency training in periodontics. I am currently a junior faculty member in a U.S. Dental School."

- Hanae Saito, DDS, MS (Class of 2003), CCRC

  Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology
  Assistant Professor, Department of Periodontics
  University of Maryland School of Dentistry

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