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Alumni Association

Alumni Association Officers

Alumni Association Meeting

Our Alumni Association General meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 12, 6:00pm-7:30pm. Let us know you'll join by replying on our RSVP form. Tell your classmates on Facebook, and for more information contact us at


Dr. Amin Ayoub, '92

Dr. Vera Tang, '00
Vice President 

Dr. Bill Bongiorno, '73
Immediate Past President

Board of Directors

Student Council Alumni Representatives

Jordan Hekmati, DDS Candidate, '20
Student Council Alumni Affairs Representative

Class of 2020: Allison Rascon and Alexandra (Ola) Makara
Class of 2021: Ian Wall and Julia Kohler

Dr. Kenneth Allen, '73
Dr. Henry Amen, '54
Dr. A. Milton Bell, '51
Dr. Bill Bongiorno '73
Dr. Dorline Bosboom, '81
Dr. Herman Bosboom, '44
Dr. Leo Botwinick, '43
Dr. Jeffrey R. Burkes, '75
Dr. Robert Castracane, Fac.
Dr. Ralph Cunningham, '72
Dr. Raymond S. Dziejma, '58
Dr. Elise S. Eisenberg, '84
Dr. Bert D. Gaster, '50
Dr. Robert Garofalo, '66
Dr. Ben Godder '85

Dr. Gary R. Goldstein, '69
Dr. Martin Horowitz, '49
Dr. Julie Kazimiroff, '80
Dr. Gerald Klaczany, '86
Dr. Kenneth Klonsky, '80
Dr. Vincent V. LaBruna, '58
Dr. Lloyd S. Landa, '57
Dr. Arthur Marks, '44
Dr. Maura S. Maloney, '92
Dr. Abraham D. Mollin, '35
Dr. Elliott Moskowitz, '72
Dr. Francis Murphy, '72
Dr. Ivy Peltz, '83

Dr. Ignatius Quartararo, '52
Dr. Norman Rogoff, '41
Dr. Sidney I. Silverman, '37
Dr. Walter Silverstein, '66
Dr. Michael L. Sinkin, '82
Dr. Paul J. Spada, '60
Dr. Jay Steinberg, '72
Dr. Arnold H. Stern, '55

Dr. Eric Studley, '85
Dr. Daryl Styner, '78
Dr. Lucy Troncoso, '94
Dr. John J. Young, '54
Dr. Daniel Wank, '86
Dr. Gerald S. Wank, '49 

50th Anniversary Alumni Honored at 2017 Graduation Ceremony

The College introduced a new tradition this year by inviting alumni of the Class of 1967 to participate in the academic procession at Graduation. NYU College of Dentistry is proud of its alumni community of over 19,000 dental professionals who are leaders in dental practice, research, and education, and looks forward to honoring future 50th anniversary classes.

50th Reunion Alumni at Graduation