Donate to the NYU College of Dentistry

NYU College of Dentistry is thankful for our donors’ commitment to the fulfillment of our academic mission and continued excellence. Listed below are several opportunities that allow donors to make a large impact on the College and the community it serves.


Dental Annual Fund

NYU College of Dentistry

The unrestricted annual gifts made by alumni and friends provide essential support for the College’s operating and capital budget and the flexibility to leverage opportunities for improvement as they arise.

By participating in annual giving you join a community of alumni, faculty and friends that have an exponential impact on our resources. For example, an annual gift of $5,000 is equivalent to the yearly income from a $100,000 endowment fund. Also, a high rate of participation in the annual fund provides evidence to potential outside contributors, such as foundations, that our own alumni contribute to the many projects we undertake each year in support of the College's larger mission and continued future growth.


NYU Dentistry Oral Health Center for People with Disabilities 

Oral Health Center for People with Disabilities

Designed specifically to serve patients with physical, cognitive, acquired, or developmental disabilities, the NYU Dentistry Oral Health Center for People with Disabilities is now open. This state-of-the-art Center occupies the entire 8,000-square-foot 8th floor of the Weissman Building and provides an important alternative for a large and vulnerable segment of our population, whose only option for oral healthcare, in many cases, has been limited to a hospital operating room (routinely after a six-month wait).



1865 Alumni Scholarship Fund

1865 Alumni Scholarship Fund



The increasing burden of student debt impacts the personal and professional lives of our students and recent graduates. The Alumni Scholarship Fund provides immediate relief to students who demonstrate the greatest need and greatest aptitude. All students within the College are eligible.




Dean’s Advancement Fund

Dean’s Advancement Fund



Unrestricted contributions to the Dean’s Advancement Fund provide the College the greatest flexibility to address areas of need year to year. These gifts go to work immediately to support or enhance core programs and allow the Dean to invest in opportunities and projects as they arise.




Community Outreach Funds

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Operational Support for the Dental Van

The Smiling Faces Going Places van provides more than 1400 children with 2400 dental care visits, performing over 7,000 procedures throughout the New York City area each year. In addition to the cost of the Van itself, the College contracts with a bus company to provide for the movement of the van to locations, overnight garaging, cleaning, fuel, tolls and comprehensive maintenance of the vehicle.


Dental Care for Survivors of Torture

NYU College of Dentistry introduced the first program in the U.S. designed to provide dental services for survivors of torture and to educate 20 dental students annually to deliver care to this special patient population.

Haunted by memories of physical torture, survivors, the majority of whom have suffered dental and facial injuries, have to deal with persistent frightening thoughts and memories of their ordeal on top of routine fears of dentistry. These patients may fear bright lights and the contact necessary for the dentist to provide treatment. As a result, their ability to access dental care is seriously compromised. As we repair their teeth, we restore their self-image and dignity along the way. These patients receive state-of-the-art dental care at no charge.



Dental care for the aging

Dental Care for the Aging

NYU College of Dentistry visits senior centers for low-income older adults throughout New York City to offer free screenings. Nearly 100% of the seniors require dental care for gum disease, decay or replacement of VERY old dentures, but few have the funds needed for treatment. The College aspires to develop a program that will expand the scope of treatment locations beyond senior centers and homes of low-income in-dwelling seniors to provide both screenings and dental care.

The College is committed to visiting as many Senior Centers as possible to deliver care, either by transporting seniors to the College or with our Van depending. We hope this program will enable the College to see as many as 5000 additional senior citizens for screening and care each year.



Dental care for low-income children

Dental Care for Low-Income Children

Each year, we treat hundreds of children who cannot afford to pay for dental care. The children require examinations and preventive care, and often the restoration of decay ravaged teeth. Many children require orthodontic care but do not qualify for Medicaid. The College will never turn these children away, but we are faced with a substantial financial shortfall. Funding this program will help NYU Dentistry continue caring for economically disadvantaged children. ​



dental care for victims of domestic violence

Dental Care for Victims of Domestic Violence

Cosmetic dentistry is generally considered an elective procedure, but throughout New York City there are women who have suffered dento-facial injuries as a result of physical abuse. The NYU College of Dentistry looks to partner with shelters for abused women throughout the city to provide dental restorations that can help return their lives to normal.

We are seeking partners who will enable us to initiate this program and treat hundreds in need.



after school dental program

After School Dental Care Program

Low-income children have some of the highest tooth decay rates in the city. They are unlikely to receive dental care, and in some cases, they do not even have toothbrushes and toothpaste at home. This NYU Dentistry program aims to decrease new decay by as much as 75% and improve a child’s quality of life, reducing pain, distraction and missed school days. We will work with the social work staff of the after school program to obtain parental/guardian permission to provide the required dental care for these children (at no cost to the family/child if necessary).



community orofacial injury protection

Community Orofacial Injury Protection

The College of Dentistry has a number of experts in sports injury prevention and treatment, including team dentists for NCAA Division I and professional sports teams. NYUCD seeks to implement a program providing custom made mouth guards AND an extensive educational program of injury prevention for inner city sports participants in high schools throughout the city.

In its first year, we hope to deliver over 30 injury prevention presentations and 200 mouth guards for student athletes.



Global Outreach Fund

global outreach

The NYU Dentistry/Henry Schein Cares Global Student Outreach Program was created to address public health and access to care issues in dentistry and oral health.

The College's comprehensive global outreach programs offer participants a unique, service-learning experience. These interdisciplinary programs provide faculty, residents and students of dentistry, hygiene, nursing and public health with a well-rounded perspective on access-to-care issues and challenge them to rethink their roles as healthcare providers. Clinical outreach programs provide free dental services to populations facing barriers to oral healthcare including a dearth of dental providers, economic hardship and inadequate health insurance coverage. Students and residents receive hands-on clinical instruction and are exposed to public health issues in dentistry. Post-outreach evaluations have consistently shown a transformational effect on participants, and past participants have noted these experiences as a highlight in their NYU Dentistry student career.



Postgraduate Programs

Dentsply Sirona Endodontic Suite


The Molar Fund

The Molar Fund supports and enhances the PG Endo student experience. Funds may be directed to attending out of state review courses, AAE meetings, or fostering collegiality among the students by hosting social or networking events. The fund is administered directly by the Chair and PG Director to allow for the greatest flexibility and responsiveness to student requests and needs. To participate please consider contributing the total amount of one molar endodontic therapy per year. All participation is appreciated and all gifts, no matter the amount, will be recognized with membership in the "Molar Fund."



OMS campaign

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

The Dr. William Stephanak OMFS Residency Education Fund

The Residency Education Fund will enhance resident experiences and training by supporting extracurricular resident education events. These events would include international outreach mission trips for cleft lip and palate surgery and reconstructive surgery, funding for local and regional continuing education courses, and funding for presentations at scientific sessions nationally and internationally. The education fund would also support the program director in obtaining specialty equipment and up to date technology.



orthodontics campaign

Orthodontics Department Enhancement Fund

Your contribution will support student and faculty curricular and extracurricular activities, promoting the departmental culture of excellence in learning, teaching, research, and patient care. These value-adding opportunities foster a vibrant degree of camaraderie that continue throughout our professional careers.

Under the supervision of the department Chair, funds will directly support:

  • Student research
  • Faculty and student retreats
  • Introduction of new technology
  • Curricular enrichment
  • Team-building events



pediatric campaign

Pediatric Dentistry

Supporting the Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry helps to fund the postgraduate students' clinical research projects and their travel to present their work. For the 12 PG students enrolled each year, your generous contribution will also support several new program initiatives:

  • PG2 Electives: Support a PG student in their elective experiences during their second year. Elective experiences can include additional hands-on training in areas such as special health care patients, research, academics, or public policy and advocacy.
  • Craniofacial Clinic: Your support will help continue our clinical sessions — held in our College facilities and overseen by faculty from the Department of Pediatric Dentistry — dedicated to caring for patients with craniofacial differences.



periodontics campaign


Funds donated to the Ashman Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry Student Research Fund are solely used to support research projects conducted by our advanced education students. The monies are used to purchase materials and supplies, for patient recruitment incentives and laboratory support services needed to perform research which is an essential component of the educational training of our students. The research conducted by our students greatly enriches their academic experience and helps develop the next generation of dental clinician-scientists.



prosthodontics campaign


Prosthodontic Graduate Program Development Fund

The department of Prosthodontics residency program funds will support only activities related to enrichment of students’ academic endeavors, including:

  • Postgraduate student research
  • Important presentation of scholarship, posters and abstracts
  • American Board of Prosthodontics preparation course
  • Registration and limited expenses for major national Prosthodontics meetings
  • Curriculum enrichment and innovation specific to the graduate program
  • Networking opportunities, organized by the department for professional development
  • Assistance for financially challenged patients with congenital abnormalities and defects



For more information, please contact:

Ryan St. Germain
Senior Director, Development and Alumni Relations
NYU College of Dentistry
345 E. 24th Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 998-9883