FAQs: Programs for International Dentists

Please refer to our Application Process page for the documents required for your application.

The NBDE Part I is not required for these International Programs EXCEPT as a pre-requisite for the Oral Surgery/Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (3 Year) Program.

Since these programs will not provide you with a license to practice in the USA upon completion, these examinations are not required. You may submit these as supplemental documents to your application.

There is no penalty for not having these exams.

We require a minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. A course-by-course ECE Evaluation is required. GPA’s below a 2.5 will not be considered.

The average GPA for accepted students is 3.07.

The TOEFL preferred scores are:

  • The internet-based test: 85 or higher
  • The computer-based test: 230 or higher

*NYU Dentistry School Code for TOEFL is 2597.

The IELTS preferred score is:

  • Band score of 6.5 or better

We can waive the TOEFL or IELTS score requirement on a case-by-case basis. The waiver can be determined based on an interview with NYU Dentistry staff or faculty, or based on the number of years of full-time study spent in an institution where the language of instruction is English. 

Once you commplete your online application, you will be directed to instructions on how to pay the application fee online by credit card in order to finalize and submit your application.

You will receive an immediate email from the online application system when you submit your application. Within 5 to 7 business days, you will receive an additional email from our Office for International Programs confirming your application submission and documents received. If you are missing required documents, this email will advise you of your incomplete application status.

Once we receive all your required documents and application fee, you will receive an email from our office indicating your application is complete and pending review.

Once your application is complete, it is reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Should it pass initial review, you will be contacted by the Office for International Programs to schedule a virtual or on-campus interview for a position in the program. In some cases, the Program Director may request a Skills Assessment, which will be scheduled by our office. After the interview process, a final decision will be made by the Admissions Committee. You will receive notification of this decision via email with instructions to login to your online application to view and print your decision.

You can only apply for one program at a time, but you may a select an additional program as your second choice program. 

Accepted applicants will be able to view and print their acceptance letter from the online application system. If accepted, the acceptance letter will have step-by-step instructions on submitting a non-refundable tuition deposit to hold your position in the program and to begin the I-20 application process (the first step of the F-1 student visa) through the NYU Office for Global Services (OGS).

Obtaining an F-1 Student visa can take several months after confirming enrollment by submitting your non-refundable tuition deposit and receiving your student ID number. Our office encourages all admitted students to start the I-20 application process as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Applicants who are not selected must wait one calendar year before re-applying to any international program. 

Your F-1 student visa allows you entry into the USA up to 30 days prior to the start of your program. We recommend that you arrive 2-3 weeks in advance of the program start date.

Apartments in NYC become available when they are ready to rent, not months before. Plan on staying in a hotel or with friends while you are apartment searching.  

Most students find apartments near NYU Dentistry in Manhattan, in the surrounding boroughs of Queens or Brooklyn, or in nearby areas such as Jersey City, New Jersey. The Office for International Programs will provide accepted students with housing resources in advance of arrival, and can assist you in identifying available apartments, connecting you to incoming students for roommates, outgoing students for furniture sales/donations. Please note that monthly rentals for apartments near NYU Dentistry can range from $2000 - $3000.

The tuition and fees (including instrument rental, textbooks, health insurance, etc.) for academic year 2021-2022 is about $104,000. The annual cost of living for all programs is approximately $31,000. Please note that there is a 3-5% increase in tuition, fees, and living expenses annually. 

No, financial aid or scholarships are not available for these programs.

International students most often receive support from their families to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. In some cases, students receive loans or scholarships from their home countries.

International students with a US permanent resident card or citizenship can apply for a private “continuing education” loan, which covers the cost of tuition. Living expenses are not included. Applications for private continuing education loans are submitted directly to the lender company.

As part of your application, we require a letter from your sponsoring organization that must include this specific information in English:

  • What the scholarship covers (for example: tuition, cost of living, etc.)
  • When the scholarship starts and ends
  • What is the name and length of the program you are applying for (for example: Implant Dentistry, 2 Years)

Orientation is required for all participants and includes university and department policies and protocols, clinical affairs protocols, training on Electronic Health Records, CPR, university life, student services, OGS immigration workshops, among other required trainings needed to successfully enter the clinical environment.

The official start date of the program is July 1. Orientation may begin several days before the official start of the program, and all orientation lectures are mandatory. Please refer to the orientation schedule you will receive several weeks prior to the start of the program.