Being in a large dental school in New York City provides incredible opportunities that are available almost nowhere else.

Elena Cunningham, PhD, clinical associate professor of Molecular Pathobiology, discusses the interplay of her research with primate cognition and her teaching methods, as she aims to find the most efficient and least stressful ways for NYU Dentistry students to learn.



NYU College of Dentistry offers education and training to over 1,900 students annually from all over the United States and over 50 countries. The student body includes predoctoral and postdoctoral students of dentistry, dental hygiene students, and students pursuing master's degrees in biology/oral biology, clinical research and biomaterials.

NYU College of Dentistry is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Dental Association, and its educational program is conducted in conformity with the policies of the commission.

Application Process

Detailed information on the application process for each Academic Program can be found on each Program's page.

Contact information for each Academic Program is listed below.


Academic Program Admissions Contacts

DDS Program
Richard Anchundia, JD
Senior Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
(212) 998-9818

Dental Hygiene Programs
Crystal Warren
Admissions Officer
(212) 998-9912

Advanced Education Programs
Johanne Noble
Manager, Postgraduate and Graduate Programs

MS in Clinical Research
Juliana Cools
Program Coordinator
(212) 998-9934

MS in Biomaterials
Chandra Darjatmoko
Grants Administrator
(212) 992-7042

MS in Biology/Oral Biology
Joseph Guttenplan
(212) 998-9608