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A Message from Our Assistant Dean

As Assistant Dean of the Programs for International Dentists, it brings me immense pleasure to express how proud we are of our alumni. You are the embodiment of our institution's vision and the torchbearers of our legacy.

Your hard work, dedication, and perseverance have resulted in remarkable accomplishments and contributions to society. Your successes are a testament to your character and inspire us all, especially our current students who aspire to follow in your footsteps. As alumni, you continue to inspire and motivate our current students to aim for excellence and achieve their goals. Your successes are a source of pride and inspiration for us as we strive to continue to provide the best education and support to our students. We are grateful for your continued engagement with NYU Dentistry – Programs for International Dentists and your willingness to share your experiences and expertise with our students.


Anabella Oquendo, DDS
Assistant Dean for International Programs

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Notable Alumni

Welcome to our Alumni Spotlight section, where we highlight the achievements and successes of our distinguished alumni. This section features alumni from different programs, years, and backgrounds, who have made significant contributions to their fields, communities, and society. Through their hard work, dedication, and innovation, our alumni have become leaders and role models, inspiring the next generation of students to achieve their goals and make a positive impact. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our alumni and learning from their experiences and insights.