Biomaterials Program: Alumni Spotlight


Here's what our alumni are saying ...


Cristóbal Rivera Martínez, DDS, MS.

Being a part of this amazing family as a master student in the biomaterials department of NYU College of Dentistry, has been the most intense and academically challenging experience of my life. I really enjoyed the atmosphere that lived in our laboratory every single day. It was a privilege to have professors which are world renowned in their respective scientific fields. This program has turned me into someone who is committed to science. The last two years opened the doors for me to expand my knowledge. This became the impetus for me to continue studying and begin the PhD program in the Biomedical Sciences at the NYU Sackler Institute. This adventure was unique in terms of changing my life entirely in a great way. I went from being a dentist in Chile to becoming a research assistant working side by side expert researchers.

Cristóbal Rivera Martínez, DDS, MS ’19



Jason Brisman, MS.

Completion of the NYU Biomaterials MS program was a great accomplishment on my journey toward dentistry. The disciplines we learned in class coincided with hands on experience in the lab. The opportunity to actively participate in high level research while learning amongst my peers was a wonderful experience. This program has helped me pursue my dream as I embark on my first year of NYU Dental School.

Jason Brisman, MS ’19



Fahad Hassan Alqahtani

Before coming to NYU, I worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Orthodontics, Najran University College of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia. Working in this specific department gave me the opportunity to improve my ability to manipulate a numerous factors inside and outside the classroom. My desire to develop my skills and raise my research and scientific capabilities has led me to The Master of Science in Biomaterials at New York University. Through studying with professors whose research focused on different aspect in Biomaterials science, I was able to develop a much deeper understanding of the physical, chemical, and mechanical aspects of the materials used in dentistry, as well as the ability to critically read and critique current research within the field. Finally, I am very thankful for the strong relationships that I have developed with my professors and peers at NYU.

Fahad Hassan Alqahtani, BDS, MS ’19

Lecturer, Department of Orthodontics
Najran University, College of Dentistry
Najran, Saudi Arabia



Alec Weiss, MS.

Deciding to enroll in the Biomaterials Masters program at NYU was one of the best decisions I made for myself during my academic career. Starting on the first day of class, it has been an exciting and rewarding journey. I began this program just months after completing my undergraduate degree I was unsure which master’s program was best for me. After speaking with Dr. Ricci, Director of the Biomaterials Program, I was convinced and excited that I had found the right program. The skills I learned and the research I was able to take part in will be invaluable as I continue to pursue my goal of becoming a dentist.

This program provides great knowledge and insight into the "science" behind dentistry. Being surrounded by dentists and scientists you get to understand why this aspect of biomedical sciences is so important. I can thank the MS in Biomaterials Program and the entire department of biomaterials with increasing my knowledge as well as opening my eyes to the different perspectives surrounding dentistry and medicine. After graduating, I feel as though I have a great basis for what dentistry is and the different fields it encompasses. The teachers and faculty were outstanding in providing examples and case studies to further illustrate the importance of this field of study. I look forward to continuing my studies as a member of the NYU College of Dentistry class of 2023.

Alec Weiss, MS ’19



Cory Golden, MS.

My experience at the Biomaterials program at New York University College of Dentistry has enabled me to learn new and useful skills, that I will take with me on my path to become a dentist. It was an honor to learn from the talented faculty at NYUCD. This program has endowed me with skills that will allow me to give the best dental care possible. The opportunities that I was presented with throughout this program allowed me to learn and apply not only different parts of dentistry but allowed me to learn more about myself as well. I am extremely grateful for being a part of the Biomaterials program at NYUCD and will cherish the time that I have spent here.

Cory Golden, MS ’19



Shivangi B. Amin

Coming to NYU with a background in periodontology and implant dentistry, I credit the MS in Biomaterials Program with strengthening my knowledge of the physical, chemical, and mechanical aspects of the materials used not just in my field, but also in general dentistry and orthopedics. Moving forward, I have better knowledge of how to select quality materials for my patients in clinical practice. The faculty in the Department work tirelessly with students to develop innovative and cutting-edge research in the field, and serve as excellent resources. This program also gave me the resources needed to take on an independent research project from start to finish.

Shivangi B. Amin, DDS, PG Perio ’17, MS ’18


Mohammed Alyami

Joining the MS in Biomaterials Program at NYU has been an exciting journey. As a clinician and a teaching assistant, I strongly believe it is the right area for individuals who are pursuing careers in academia or industry. This valuable experience has expanded my knowledge of the fundamentals to deeper comprehension of materials and has given me a complete picture of the research process. The faculty members are seasoned professionals and experts, who adhere to the highest standards of their profession. They are always eager to assist with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, as this program creates bridges among nanotechnology, medicine, dentistry, and bioengineering. Just a few months before my graduation, I was accepted to many postgraduate prosthodontic programs at well-known institutions across the US. In closing, I am confident that this unique program will change my life for the better and lead to a brighter future.

Mohammed Alyami, DDS, MS ’18


Neil Ramaswamy

My experience as a student in the Department of Biomaterials has been exciting. After realizing that only two other students in my class were in a position similar to mine (many of our peers were dentists furthering their education), I became intimidated. As I began getting to know my classmates and professors, however, I felt it would be in my best interest to continue onto dental school in the future. The Department opened my eyes to new perspectives in the healthcare industry and led me to consider a future in dentistry. The MS in Biomaterials Program sparked my interest in dentistry with its exceptional technological advancements and heavy research. Drs. Ricci and Mijares have been especially integral in my success, teaching me that it is great to ask questions and to adapt myself to my surroundings.

Currently, I am working on research with Drs. Penugonda and Mijares on the "Comparative Evaluation of LED Curing Lights for Curing Strength Ability and Volumetric Shrinkage Levels." I intend to finish my study by the end of the spring 2018 semester and throughout the summer, and will be attending dental school here at NYU Dentistry as a member of the Class of 2022 in the fall.

Neil Ramaswamy, MS ’18


Nantawan Kolakarnprasert

"True success is not in the learning but in its application to the benefit of mankind"
- Prince of Sonkla

The MS in Biomaterials Program expanded my knowledge and understanding of materials science, specifically in ceramics and composites, the type of research in which I am most involved. I am grateful to the Department of Biomaterials for giving me the chance to participate in poster- and oral presentations at several meetings and conferences, including the American Association of Dental Research (AADR) 2018, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) 2018, and NYU Dentistry Research Scholarship Expo. I've acquired valuable knowledge, skills, and research experiences over the past two years. With help and guidance from my mentor, Dr. Yu Zhang, I've learned important information, values, and research methodology to complete my research project titled "Compositional, Optical and Mechanical Properties of New Multi-layered Zirconia." I will return back to my hometown and share the knowledge and experience I've gained here at NYU with the next generation of dentists in my country.

Nantawan Kolakarnprasert, DDS, MS ’18


Lahari Bhavishetty

Being in the biomaterials program at NYU Dentistry, transitioning from a dental clinician to a researcher, was the best decision of my academic career. This program has the pastiche of ingredients to shape my future at the crossroads of this scientific journey. The tight-knit curriculum of this program not only exposes students to an eclectic variety of courses, but also gives the opportunity to work independently. This lays down strong foundation to kick start a career either as an international dentist in the dental school or as a biomedical researcher. The state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities here cater to the scientific curiosity and learning processes of novice researchers. I felt the thesis and independent research options, coupled with analytical class projects, fostered autodidacticism among students under the mentorship of diverse faculty from the dental and medical schools. Also ingrained in this program are material science courses — metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites – which form the core part of the curriculum and foster deeper understanding and critical thinking for innovation. In addition, employer presentations from commercial industry experts and guest lectures from notable professors in academia provide opportunities to network.

"Ability is nothing without opportunity." True to the connotation, I attribute this journey of success in the field of dental research to my mentors and all of the professors in the Department of Biomaterials at NYU Dentistry. As a clinician who aspires to obtain a PhD, I can say with confidence that this program has instilled all the ammunition essential to carve a niche as a bioengineer and to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Lahari Bhavishetty, DDS, MS ’18


Nicole Christine Muse

While working for an innovative startup biofabrication company, I recognized that achieving a Master of Science in Biomaterials at NYU would further unlock a dynamic, interdisciplinary field of research that would create opportunities both in my career and future studies. This unique program provides a challenging interface of biology, chemistry, engineering, and materials science not found in other programs, which can be applied to a variety of research arenas. Throughout my studies, the faculty at NYU consistently provided support and guidance, and helped me in my pursuit of a doctoral degree. The MS in Biomaterials Program gave me an excellent basis for graduate work, and come fall 2018, I will begin my pre-doctoral appointment in a PhD Program in Nutritional and Metabolic Biology at Columbia University. Bolstered by my biomaterials studies, I hope to bring a pioneering and clinically relevant aspect to my future in molecular biology research. 

Nicole Christine Muse, MS ’18