MS in Biomaterials: Program Guidelines

Admission Requirements and Student Status

The NYU College of Dentistry M.S. program in Biomaterials Science offers admission to applicants who hold a Bachelors Degree (or equivalent foreign credentials, DDS, DMD or MD) and who show promise of superior scholarly achievement. Successful applicants will have: (1) distinguished academic records; (2) strong recommendations from instructors or others qualified to evaluate academic ability; and (3) well-articulated research goals for the thesis option. Applications for graduate study are accepted on a continuing basis. M.S. students may begin their study in the fall or spring semesters. However, some courses are full-year courses and must be started in the fall semester. Remedial work to make up any undergraduate deficiencies may be taken prior to, or concurrent with, the master’s program, but in the latter case, must be completed within the first year.

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The College of Dentistry requires all applicants to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The Admissions Committee of the Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics will take the GRE scores into consideration when evaluating the application.
  • TOEFL. All accepted applicants are expected to demonstrate the ability to understand and communicate in English, both in oral and in written forms. To evaluate proficiency, the school requires applicants whose native language is not English to take the test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL).
  • Acceptance of applicants. The Admissions Committee will take all factors into consideration when evaluating the applicant. In some cases applicants may be required to take one or more semesters of English language instruction as a condition of acceptance to the program.
  • Maintenance of matriculation. It is required that the student be continuously enrolled in each fall and spring semester until the degree is granted. Students who have completed all course work are responsible for payment of maintenance of matriculation fees for lapsed semesters.
  • Non-matriculating status. In special cases, a student may be accepted by the Admissions Committee as a non-matriculate or non-degree student. A non-degree student may take up to twelve points from the regular program of the Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics before applying for matriculated status in the Master of Science in Biomaterials program. However this does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The application for matriculation is only considered if the student has received a B or better in each course included in the twelve points. Deadlines for applying for non-matriculate status are the same as for the M.S. program.
  • Health insurance. For students who cannot show proof to NYU Dentistry that they have their own health insurance, they will be required to participate in a University Health Insurance Plan.
  • Leave of absence. A student in good standing who is obliged to withdraw temporarily for national service, serious illness, or compelling personal reasons may request from the proper NYU Dentistry authorities a leave of absence (normally up to one year). Due to the nature of visa status, foreign students should consult with the Office of Global Services in such cases.
  • Maintenance of scholastic standing. Students must maintain an average grade for each course of B (3.0) or better to remain in good standing in the program. Remedial and/or extension of course work approved by the instructor involved and the Director of Graduate Studies may, on a case by case basis, be allowed to improve course grades of less than B, IP or W. Students with three or more incomplete grades will not be considered to be in good standing.
  • Tuition refunds. Students are entitled to refunds on tuition according to the refund schedule published by the Office of the College of Dentistry Registrar. Non-attendance of a course does not constitute withdrawal. Students are liable for tuition charges if they do not formally drop a course within University guidelines. The student must consult program administration and the Director of Graduate Studies before dropping courses or applying for refunds.