JADE, Spring 2022

The Journal of the Academy of Distinguished Educators (JADE), is an online-only, open-access journal. The mission of JADE is to endorse and reinforce the goals of the NYU Academy of Distinguished Educators and to promote the free exchange of ideas regarding higher educational theory, methods, and tools.

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ISSN 2472-0062

Editorial Board
Stefania Willis, DMH, RDH; Chair
Angela De Bartolo, DDS
Debra Ferraiolo, DMD
Laurie Fleisher, DMD
Marci Levine, DMD, MD
Elizabeth N. Lopez, PhD
Alexander Schloss, DDS, MSB
Dianne Sefo, RDH, MEd


Chair, Academy of Distinuished Educators
Andrew Schenkel, DMD, MS



Executive Editor
Elyse Bloom, MA

Design Director
Jean Giordano

Web Developer
Oscar Salvatierra


Kenneth Allen, DDS, MBA
Niloufar Amintavakoli, DDS, MS
Kim Attanasi, MS, PhD
Eric W. Baker, M. Phil
Victoria Benvenuto, RDH, EdM
Elena P. Cunningham, PhD
Angela De Bartolo, DDS
Lucretia DePaola Cefola, MS, DDS
Debra Ferraiolo, DMD
Laurie Fleisher, DMD
Joshua Johnson, MSc
B. Jason Kyles, DDS
Arthi Kumar, DDS
Marci Levine, DMD, MD
Mitchel Lipp, DDS
Elizabeth N. Lopez, PhD
Fabiola Milord, DDS, MPH
Lillian Moran, MS
Cheryline Pezzullo, DDS
André V. Ritter, DDS, Ms, MBA, PhD
Maria P. Rodriguez Cardenas, DDS
Dianne Sefo, RDH, MEd
Silvia Spivakovsky, DDS
Lisa Stefanou, RDH, MPH
Kaitlin M. Stier, RDH, MPH
John Strange, BDS
Analia Veitz-Keenan, DDS
Johanna Warshaw, PhD



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