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Department of Biomaterials

Department Highlights

Paulo Coelho and Lukasz Witek

Biomaterials Newsletter

Biomaterials News

Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2018

NYU has recently established state-of-the-art biotechnology programs with a major emphasis on efforts that integrate the life sciences with physical, bioengineering and computational science. The NYU Biomaterials program has significant strength in dental implants, bio-imaging, bio-printing, bone-soft tissue interfaces, bioinspired materials synthesis, biosensors, and biomechanics, among other research topics. The program bridges between nanotechnology, dental, nursing, and bioengineering with emphasis of development of a new biomaterials base for enhanced human health.


Video Gallery

John McDevitt: Diagnostics Research


Paulo Coelho: Reconstructive Surgery


Yu Zhang: Next Generation of Ceramic Dental Restorations

Tim Bromage: Measuring the Periodic Table


Jack Ricci: Dental Implants into the Real World





John T McDevitt

Message From the Chair

Dr. John T. McDevitt

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Cancer Prevention Research journal


McDevitt Lab featured on cover of Cancer Prevention Research

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Biomaterials Graduate Program Brochure

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