CariedAway: New York City Elementary School-Based Cavity Prevention and Treatment Program

Children’s Oral Health is Our Top Priority

CariedAway strictly follows CDC, OSHA, and ADA’s COVID-19 infection control guidelines.

CariedAway is supported by federal funding and the New York University College of Dentistry.


Dentist Finder

Click on the map below. To find a dentist near you type in an address. Click on a blue pin to access their name, address, and phone number. All Bronx County dentists listed (1) accept new patients, (2) see children and, (3) accept Medicaid and CHIP.

For help connecting with a dentist, or if you ever have a question or concern, please call one of our Clinical Team Managers:

  • Priyanka Sharma, RDH, BA at 212-992-7065
  • Catherine McGowan, RDH, BS at 212-998-9622
Dental Provider Referral List