About Us

Who we are and What we do

CariedAway is a New York City elementary school-based cavity prevention and treatment program.

*To learn more information on how NYU College of Dentistry is providing dental screenings and cavity prevention on campus, at your child’s school, or from a community-based location near you, click here to contact us.  

Our goal:

  • Improve the oral health of New York City school age children
  • Improve academic performance (eg, school attendance and performance on standardized tests)

Our dental care is safe, effective, and is provided at no cost to families.

  • No spray. No spatter. No shots. No drilling. No pain.
  • Eliminates almost 80% of cavities
  • Takes as little as 10 minutes, two times per year
  • Care is provided by dental hygienists, nurses, and dental assistants, under the supervision of a dentist.


CariedAway care includes:

  • oral screening
  • tooth-brushing and flossing instruction
  • prevention and treatment: toothbrush cleaning, topical fluoride treatments (fluoride varnish, silver diamine fluoride), sealants, and temporary fillings
  • referral to a dentist for further care, if needed.

Community engagement. We are happy to schedule virtual parent and teacher presentations regarding our program. We are also happy to provide educational materials for families and teachers. For more information please contact us.

Parent, or legal guardian, consent is required for care.

All children are eligible to participate, regardless of insurance coverage or immigration status.

There is no out-of-pocket expense. If a student does not have insurance, our program will cover the cost of care. The program will charge Medicaid to ensure long-term sustainability.


  • PS 020 Anna Silver
  • PS 064 Robert Simon
  • PS 102 Jacques Cartier
  • PS 37 River East Elementary
  • PS 200 The James McCune Smith School
  • PS 092 Mary McLeod Bethune
  • PS 129 John H. Finley Campus School
  • PS 125 Ralph Bunche School
  • PS 173
  • PS/IS 210 Twenty-first Century Academy for Community Leaders
  • Amber Charter School I


  • PS 157 Grove Hill
  • PS 359 Concourse Village Elementary School
  • PS 001 The Courtlandt School
  • PS 277 Dr. Evelina Lopez Antonetty Children's Literacy Center
  • PS 161 Juan Ponce De Leon School
  • PS 25 Bilingual School
  • Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls Charter School
  • The Bronx Charter School for Children
  • PS 304 Early Childhood School
  • PS 146 Edward Collins
  • PS 069 Journey Prep School
  • PS 392 Bronx Delta School
  • PS 088 S. Silverstein Little Sparrow School
  • PS 170
  • PS 35 Franz Siegal
  • PS 132 Garret A Morgan
  • PS 63 Author's Academy
  • PS 204 Morris Heights
  • PS 443 The Family School
  • PS 007 Milton Fein School
  • PS 360
  • PS 008 Isaac Varian School
  • PS 344 Ampark Neighborhood
  • PS 306
  • PS 226
  • PS/MS 20 P.O. George J. Werdann III
  • PS 315 The Lab School
  • PS 112 Bronxwood
  • PS 357 Young Voices Academy of the Bronx
  • PS 021 Philip H. Sheridan
  • PS 314 Fairmont Neighborhood School
  • PS 458 Samara Community School
  • PS 595
  • PS 214 The Lorraine Hansberry Academy
  • PS 44 David C. Farragut
  • PS 196 The Literacy & Arts Academy
  • PS 134 George F. Bristow


  • PS 046 Edward C Blum
  • PS 54 Samuel C. Barnes

Dentist Finder

Click on the map below. To find a dentist near you type in an address. Click on a blue pin to access their name, address, and phone number. All Bronx County dentists listed (1) accept new patients, (2) see children and, (3) accept Medicaid and CHIP.

For help connecting with a dentist, or if you ever have a question or concern, please call one of our Clinical Team Managers

  • Priyanka Sharma, RDH, BA at 212-992-7065
  • Catherine McGowan, RDH, BS at 212-998-9622
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