WHO Collaborating Center for Quality-improvement, Evidence-based Dentistry

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated the Department of Epidemiology & Health Promotion as a WHO Collaborating Center for Quality–improvement, Evidence-based Dentistry (QED WHO CC). The WHO designation recognizes NYU Dentistry’s expertise and commitment to evidence-based dentistry and provides the framework for developing, monitoring, and disseminating novel approaches to oral health education, prevention, and disease control in the Americas and globally.

WHO Collaborating Centers are designated by the Director-General of WHO as part of an inter-institutional collaborative network of centers worldwide. They are established to provide concrete activities at the national, regional, and global levels in support of the strategic plans specific to WHO areas of work. All WHO Collaborating Centers in the Region of the Americas are known as PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers since the Pan American Health Organization also serves as a WHO regional office.

The NYU Dentistry WHO Collaborating Center — one of only 10 WHO Dentistry Collaborating Centers in the world — received its designation in December 2016 for a renewable four-year period, guided by the WHO Terms of Reference (TORs). Specific teams support education, research, and scholarly exchange on behalf of three principal aims:

  1. To provide technical cooperation in designing novel effective and efficient surveillance systems for oral diseases, conditions and behaviors that measure disease burden, quality of life, and impact of preventive interventions.
  2. To develop and disseminate protocols for the prevention and control of oral diseases across the lifespan.
  3. To develop educational content for the prevention and control of oral diseases among seniors and the elderly by primary healthcare professionals working in community and health centers.

Through these activities, the Center also fosters competence in global health for pre- and postdoctoral students and faculty at NYU Dentistry.

The Center is directed by Richard Niederman, DMD, professor and chair of the Department of Epidemiology & Health Promotion. Eugenio Beltran, DMD, MPH, DrPH, MS, is Associate Director For Epidemiology & Surveillance; Habib Benzian, DDS, MScDPH, PhD, is Associate Director for Global Health & Policy.