Faculty Information

Andrew I. Spielman, DMD, MS, PhD

Molecular Pathobiology
Director, Rare Book Library and Historical Archives
Room 914S, Dental Center, 345 East 24th Street
E-mail: ais1@nyu.edu

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Certificate (online), History of Medicine, Oxford University 2018
PostDoc Fellow, Neuroscience, Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, PA 1989
PhD, Biochemistry/Oral Biology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada 1988
MS, Biochemistry/Oral Biology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada 1985
Certificate, Oral Surgery, Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel 1982
DMD, Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Tirgu Mures, Romania 1974

Honors / Credentials

  • Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine (UK) - 2021
  • Honorary Fellow, Academy of Distinguished Educators, NYU - 2019
  • President, American Academy of History of Dentistry - 2018-2023
  • Fellow of New York Academy of Medicine - 2015
  • Fellow of American College of Dentists 2013
  • Fellow of International College of Dentists - 2012
  • ADEA Excellence in Teaching Award - 2010
  • Distinguished Teaching Award NYU - 2009
  • Fellow Pierre Fauchard Academy 2008
  • ADEA Dental Education Award - 2007

Research Interests / Professional Overview

  • Dental education
  • Mechanisms of bitter and sour taste
  • History of medicine and dentistry

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Dental education is at a crossroads. Health care reform, interdisciplinary education, the digital revolution and the role of dentists in overall health, are all shaping how we teach and test in and outside a dental school. I am interested in innovative ways of delivering curriculum, promoting learning rather than testing, and emphasizing integration and clinical application of basic science concepts.

An older interest of mine is the peripheral mechanisms of taste transduction, primarily that of the bitter and sour taste. With my collaborators we collect human fungiform taste papillae and culture them and study a variety of aspects related to human taste.

Finally, have an interest in the History of Medicine and Dentistry and the role others had played before us in shaping current knowledge. As the recently appointed Director of our Rare Book Library, we started a process of digitization and publishing of cover stories for each volume of our extraordinary dentally-relevant collection.

Representative Publications

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Relevant Publications on Taste:

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Relevant Publications on Education:

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Relevant Publications on History of Dentistry:

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