Faculty Information

Dr. Amedee des Georges, PhD

Associate Professor
Molecular Pathobiology
433 1st Avenue, Room 710
New York, NY 10010


  • PhD, Laboratory of Molecular Biology,  University of Cambridge, England, UK. 2008
  • BS and MS from Universite Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France 2004


JFRASE award (Junior Faculty Research Awards in Science and Engineering)

Research Interests/Professional Overview

Dr. Amedee des Georges is a structural biologist whose research centers on the transmission of signals across membranes by protein receptors. His research is particularly directed at receptors with significant implications for heart functionality and pain signaling. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that integrates molecular biology, biochemistry, advanced cryo-electron microscopy, and computational modeling, his laboratory strives to obtain atomic models of these receptors. The lab's mission is to decode the allosteric mechanisms that regulate these proteins and to harness this knowledge to design targeted molecular tools for therapeutic applications.

Current Funding

NIH R35GM133598
Research contract with ServieRepresentative Publications

Representative Publications

des Georges, A., Clarke, O.B., Zalk, R., Yuan, Q., Condon, K.J., Grassucci, R.A., Hendrickson, W.A., Marks, A.R. and Frank, J., 2016. Structural basis for gating and activation of RyR1. Cell, 167(1), pp.145-157.

Nguyen, A.H., Thomsen, A.R., Cahill III, T.J., Huang, R., Huang, L.Y., Marcink, T., Clarke, O.B., Heissel, S., Masoudi, A., Ben-Hail, D. and Samaan, F., …, des Georges, A. & Lefkowitz, R. J.  2019. Structure of an endosomal signaling GPCR–G protein–β-arrestin megacomplex. Nature structural & molecular biology, 26(12), pp.1123-1131.

Dashti, A., Mashayekhi, G., Shekhar, M., Ben Hail, D., Salah, S., Schwander, P., des Georges, A., Singharoy, A., Frank, J. and Ourmazd, A., 2020. Retrieving functional pathways of biomolecules from single-particle snapshots. Nature communications, 11(1), p.4734.

Marcink, T.C., Zipursky, G., Cheng, W., Stearns, K., Stenglein, S., Golub, K., Cohen, F., Bovier, F., Pfalmer, D., Greninger, A.L., Porotto, M., des Georges A. & Moscona, A. 2023. Subnanometer structure of an enveloped virus fusion complex on viral surface reveals new entry mechanisms. Science Advances, 9(6), p.eade2727.

Trinh, T.K.H., Cabezas, A.J., Joshi, S., Catalano, C., Siddique, A.B., Qiu, W., Deshmukh, S., des Georges, A. and Guo, Y., 2023. pH-tunable membrane-active polymers, NCMNP2a-x, and their potential membrane protein applications. Chemical Science, 14(26), pp.7310-7326.