Faculty Information

Cristina Teixeira, DMD, MS, PhD

Associate Professor

Basic Science & Craniofacial Biology
345 East 24th Street, 6W
E-mail: cristina.teixeira@nyu.edu


PhD, University of Pennsylvania 2001
DMD, University of Pennsylvania 2001
Certificate, Orthodontics, University of Pennsylvania 1997
MS, University of Pennsylvania 1997
DDS, University of Porto, Portugal 1992

Research Interests / Professional Overview

Dr. Teixeira's research interests are divided into three areas: endochondral bone formation, tissue engineering and orthodontics. As a developmental biologist, Dr. Teixeira uses embryonic manipulation techniques, organ culture, cell culture and animal models, to investigate pathways controlling endochondral ossification and bone growth. Information from these studies is used as a platform for new approaches to tissue engineering, creating bone that can grow with the host. As an orthodontist and member of CTOR (www.orthodonticscientist.org), Dr. Teixeira's research in this field focuses on developing new orthodontic and orthopedic treatment modalities, improving quality of bone in the jaws and accelerating tooth movement.

Current Funding


Representative Publications

Complete listing available on the NYU Health Sciences Library site.

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