Faculty Information

Eric Baker, M.Phil

Clinical Associate Professor
Molecular Pathobiology
Room 526 137 East 25th Street
E-mail: eb101@nyu.edu
Fax: 212-995-4087

Representative Publications

  1. Takahashi, L.K.; Baker, E.W.; Kalin, N. (1990) Ontogeny of Behavioral and Hormonal Responses to Stress in Prenatally Stressed Male Rat Pups. Physiol. Behav. Vol.47, Pp.357-364.
  2. Takahashi, L.K.; Kalin, N.H.; Baker, E.W. (1990) Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Antagonist Attenuates Withdrawal Behavior Elicited by Odors of Stressed Conspecifics. Behav. Neurosci. Vol.104 No.2, Pp.386-389.
  3. Falk, D.; Baker, E. (1992) Earliest Homo debate. Nature 358:289-290.
  4. Harrison, T.; Baker, E. (1997) Paleontology and Biochronology of Fossil Localities in the Manonga Valley, Tanzania. In: Neogene Paleontology of the Manonga Valley, Tanzania (Terry Harrison, ed.). Plenum Press, New York, pp. 361-393.
  5. Baker, E. (2010) Head and Neck Anatomy for Dental Medicine. Thieme Press, New York.
  6. Baker, E.W., Slott, P., Terracio, L. and Cunningham, E.P. (2013) An innovative method for teaching anatomy. Journal of Dental Education 77(11), pp. 1498-1807.
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  8. Johnson, J., and Baker, E., (2017). The use of silicone adhesive and the integration of uncured s10 polymer infused fascia and muscle to rehabilitate damaged plastinated prosections for anatomical study. The Journal of Plastination. Vol. 29 (2) pp. 30-36
  9. Baker, E and Warshaw, J. (2018). Anatomy for Dental Medicine Pocket Atlas. Thieme Press, New York.
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  11. Baker, E. and Lopez, E. (In Press) Head and Neck Anatomy for Dental Medicine (3rd edition). Thieme Press, New York.
Anatomy for Dental Medicine
Anatomy for Dental Medicine in Your Pocket


Eric Baker is the director of the Head and Neck anatomy course for first year dental students. He has been the course director since 2003. He teaches both lectures and labs in the Head and Neck anatomy course. Eric is also the co-director, with Elena Cunningham, of the new Integrated National Boards Dental Examination Preparation course. And he is one of the faculty involved with the National Boards Dental Examination Review Part 1 course.

Educational Projects

  1. Eric edited the anatomical atlas Head and Neck Anatomy for Dental Medicine published by Thieme in 2010. This atlas, currently in 2nd edition, has been translated in to numerous languages, including: Chinese, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish. In collaboration with Elisabeth Lopez, Eric has completed work on the 3rd edition of this atlas.
  2. With Johanna Warshaw, Eric produced the atlas Anatomy for Dental Medicine in Your Pocket, published by Thieme in 2018.
  3. In collaboration with Johanna Warshaw, Elisabeth Lopez, Elena Cunningham and Joshua Johnson, Eric is contributing to the preparation of the manuscript for Anatomy of the Head and Neck: An Essential Textbook.

Academy of Distinguished Educators

Eric Baker is a fellow of the Academy of Distinguished Educators. He was a member of the first cohort of faculty elected into the academy in 2010. He has been involved in numerous Academy activities, including serving as Academy chair and on the executive committee.