Faculty Information

Elisabeth N. Lopez, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor
Molecular Pathobiology
Room 530 137 East 25th Street
E-mail: el95@nyu.edu


  • BA Barnard College
  • PhD Northwestern University


Dr. Lopez is a biological anthropologist who has studied the evolution of hominid cranial morphology. After receiving her PhD from Northwestern University, she joined the faculty at NYU Dentistry. She is course coordinator for the D1 Cell Organelles and Basic Tissues courses and teaches in the Head and Neck Anatomy and INBDE Review courses. She is a member of the NYU Dentistry Academy of Distinguished Educators and is interested in evidence-based educational methods in medical and dental education.


  • Faculty Council Teacher Recognition Award for 2017-2018; NYU Dentistry
  • Chair-elect, Academy of Distinguished Educators; NYU Dentistry

Representative Publications

  1. Baker, E.W. and Lopez, E.N. (2020). Anatomy for Dental Medicine, 3rd Ed. New York: Thieme.
  2. Lopez, E. K. N., Warshaw, J., Baker, E.W., and Cunningham, E.P. (2019). Using Cerego in student board exam preparation. Presented at the 2019 Academy of Distinguished Educators Clinical & Educational Scholarship Showcase, New York, NY. https://api.ltb.io/show/BYHKE
  3. Harmon, D., Hankin, M.H., Martindale, J., Farias, A., Cotter, M.M., Topping, D., Latacha, K., Zumwalt, A., Lopez, E.K.N., McNary, T., Giannaris, L., Kar, R., and Notebaert, A. (2019). Essential anatomy for clerkships and electives - a multisite survey of clinical educators. Presented at the 131st Annual Meeting of the American Association of Anatomists, Orlando, FL. The FASEB Journal 33(S1):607.1.
  4. Lopez, E.N., Cunningham, E.P., Warshaw, J., Johnson, J.H., and Baker, E.W. (2018). A unique and effective method of anatomy education. Presented at the 130th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Anatomists, San Diego, CA. The FASEB Journal 32(S1):505.7.
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  6. Harvati, K. and Lopez, E. N. (2017). A 3-D look at the Tabun C2 jaw. E. Hovers and A. Marom (Eds.): Human Paleontology and Prehistory: Contributions in Honor of Yoel Rak. New York: Springer Press, 203-213.
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