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Faculty Information

Johanna Warshaw, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor
Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology
Room 527 137 East 25th Street


2007, PhD, Biological Anthropology, City University of New York

2001, MPhil, Biological Anthropology, City University of New York

1986, BFA, Graphic Design, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design


Dr. Warshaw is interested in bone microstructural variability in primates and other vertebrates, and how the study of bone in living species can be applied to interpretations of the life history, locomotion and evolutionary relationships among fossil taxa. Past research has included an investigation of collagen fiber orientation and its potential relationship to patterns of habitual bone loading during posture and locomotion, as well as the rate at which bone is deposited during growth and development. Dr. Warshaw has also studied primary bone tissue type distributions across bone cross-sections, with the goal of describing the wide variation that can be found even amongst the members of a single mammalian order, and the correlation with body size and bone deposition rates. Finally, Dr. Warshaw has examined patterns of secondary osteonal remodeling as it relates to body size and locomotor patterns.

Dr. Warshaw’s research plans include an application of the findings from the studies outlined above to the investigation of Cretaceous and Eocene fossil primate life history, mechanical adaptations and phylogeny. A collaboration with Dr. Timothy Bromage at the Hard Tissue Research Unit of NYUCD will focus on the study of osteocyte lacunar densities in bone, and other potential markers of chronobiology and life history in bone and dental tissues, as well as the automation of programs to identify bone tissue types.


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Warshaw J. (2008) Comparative primate bone microstructure: records of life history, function and phylogeny. In: Mammalian Evolutionary Morphology: A Tribute to Frederick S. Szalay (Sargis EJ & Dagosto M, eds.), Kluwer Academic: The Netherlands, pp 385-425.

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