Faculty Information

Richard Niederman, DMD

Epidemiology and Health Promotion
433 First Avenue, room 720W
New York, NY 10010
E-mail: rniederman@nyu.edu


Certificate, Medical Informatics, Marine Biology Laboratory 2003
Certificate, Evidence-based Medicine, Oxford University 1996
Certificate, Periodontology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine 1984
DMD, Dentistry, Harvard School of Dental Medicine 1976
MA, Zoology, University of California 1970
BS, Biology, University of California 1968

Honors / Credentials

2007 Purpose Prize Fellow, Civic Ventures

2006 Fulbright Senior Specialist, US Department of State

2000 New Programs Award, American Association of Dental Education

1999 Pre-Clinical Faculty Teaching Award, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

1999 Course Director's Award, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

1979 Career Development Award, Veterans Administration

Research Interests / Professional Overview

My research, teaching, and clinical practice over the last 20 years all center on improving oral health equity. I identify the clinical interventions using the methods of evidence-based health care. I use the methods of quality improvement for clinical implementation and outcome assessment.


2018 – 2022
Comparative Effectiveness of School-Based Caries Prevention Programs for Children in Underserved, Low Income, Hispanic Communities

PCORI $13.3mm

2017 – 2022
Statewide Implementation and Evaluation of a Rural, School-based, Caries Prevention Program

NIH-NIMHD $3.3mm

2011 – 2018
Effectiveness and Improvement of Rural, School-Based, Caries Prevention Programs

NIH-NIMHD PI, $6.6mm

Representative Publications

Complete listing available on the NYU Health Sciences Library site.

Zandbergen D, Slot D, Niederman R, Van der Weijden F. The concomitant administration of systemic amoxicillin and metronidazole compared to scaling and root planing alone in treating periodontitis: a systematic review. BMC Oral Health 2016, 16:27.

Crystal YO, Niederman R. Silver diamine fluoride treatment considerations in children's caries management. Pediatr Dent 2016 Nov 15;38(7):466-471.

Deguchi M, Mau MKLM, Davis J, Niederman R. Preventable tooth loss in Hawai'i: The role of socioeconomic status, diabetes, and dental visits. Prev Chronic Dis 2017 Nov 16;14:E115.

Niederman R, Huang SS, Trescher AL, Listl S. Getting the incentives right: Improving oral health equity with universal school-based caries prevention. Am J Public Health 2017 May;107(S1):S50-S55.

Crystal YO, Janal MN, Hamilton DS, Niederman R. Parental perceptions and acceptance of silver diamine fluoride staining. J Am Dent Assoc 2017 Jul;148(7):510-518.