Faculty Information

William R. Abrams, PhD

Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology
Room 914S Schwartz, 345 East 24Th Street
Fax: 212-995-4085
E-mail: william.abrams@nyu.edu


1966 AB, Chemistry, Gettysburg College
1971 PhD, Biochemistry, University of Pennsylvania
1971 Post-Doctoral, Biology, Brandeis University
1973 Post-Doctoral, Molecular Biology, Harvard University
1974 Post-Doctoral, Cell Biology, Hebrew University

Research Interests/Professional Overview

  • Interaction of HIV with proteins of the innate immune system in oral fluids
  • Microscale Diagnostic/Analytical Devices
  • Protein-Protein interactions

An affinity towards Chemistry and Biochemistry has shaped my approach to understanding biology as modular components of a complex, highly integrated system through experiments that address questions of protein-protein interactions. My research focus is on questions of protein-protein interactions as applied to understanding the effect of salivary proteins, in particular members of the innate immune system, such as gp340 (salivary agglutinin), on HIV at the molecular level. Additional work explores the development of rapid, microscale diagnostics using oral fluid samples.

Current Funding


Representative Publications

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