General Dentistry & Comprehensive Care

Interim Chair: Robert S. Glickman, DMD

Vice Chair: Kenneth L. Allen, DDS, MBA
Clinical Professor, General Dentistry & Comprehensive Care

Assistant Chair; Senior Director of Comprehensive Care Clinics: Chrystalla Orthodoxou, DDS
Clinical Assistant Professor, General Dentistry & Comprehensive Care

Senior Director: Ira Beresnoy
General Dentistry & Comprehensive Care


The Department of General Dentistry & Comprehensive Care is responsible for the education of predoctoral students in the various modalities of dental anatomy, cariology, operative and aesthetic dentistry, communication skills, community based dentistry, and overall patient care. In addition, one of the important goals of the department is to prepare students to provide comprehensive care to patients in a modern group practice setting. As a result, students from all four years, D1 through D4, are integrated in group practices under the direction of group practice directors.

Group practice directors mentor students in each of their groups toward competency and clinical experiences with the assistance of generalist and specialty faculty. In this regard, General Dentistry & Comprehensive Care interacts closely with all the specialty areas to meet the established goals and objectives of the department. Critical thinking is augmented through small group case discussion and through interdisciplinary seminars. Additionally, group interaction, with junior-year students acting as junior members of the group, and practice management seminars and assignments provide all members of the group the opportunity to gain the fundamental elements of managing a dental practice.