Welcome to the Department of Molecular Pathobiology

Innovating research and education

Molecular Pathobiology

Chair: Nigel Bunnett, PhD
Professor, Molecular Pathobiology

Vice-Chair for Research: Jean-Pierre Saint-Jeannet, PhD
Professor, Molecular Pathobiology

Vice-Chair for Education: Eric Baker, M.Phil
Clinical Associate Professor, Molecular Pathobiology


The Department of Molecular Pathobiology discovers the mechanisms of human biology and disease through studies of molecules, cells, tissues and systems. The Department educates dental students the in the foundational sciences. The Department provides a community that fosters excellence in research, teaching and service, and trains future generations of scientists and clinicians.

Innovating Research Innovating Research

Cell Signaling, Infection & Immunity, Skeletal & Craniofacial Biology, Developmental Biology, Biological Anthropology and more.
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Innovating EducationInnovating Education

Teaching with Plastinations, Instructional Technology Advances for Enhanced Education, Teaching & Learning Scholarship, and DDS, Dental Hygiene, and Postgraduate Course Instruction.
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