Equipment Listing: General Equipment

Computing and Software

·  Twenty workstations (Apple, Dell, HP, Gateway)

·  FEA software (Amira, Pro/Engineer, Pro/Mechanica, Abacus)

·  Statistical software (Reliasoft Alta Pro and Weibull 6++, SAS, Statistix 8)


Tissue Culture and Animal Facilities

·  Two culture laboratories shared with the Basic Science Department

·  A fully accredited animal facility located in the Dental building


Lab Equipment

·  Autoclave (steris)

·  DI Water Milli-Q

·  Two wheel Grinder (Rockwell manufacturing)

·  Diamond saw (High tech diamond)

·  Heavy duty saw with multi direction stage (Proxxon)

·  Critical-point dryer (Polaron)

·  Hydraulic press for infrared sample pelleting (Carver)

·  Light-curing oven (Hereaus-Kulzer)

·  Dental Light curing device (Henry Schein)

·  Microanlytical balance (Satorious M500P)

·  Analytical balance (Mettler AE 240)

·  Analytical balance (VMR)

·  Water bath (VMR)

·  Single and multiple stir plates (Corning)

·  Hot plates (Fisher Scientific)

·  Orbital shaker

·  Ph Meter -692ion meter (Brinkman)

·  Regular Refrigerator/Freezer

·  Explosive proof  Refrigerator/Freezer

·  -20 Freezer

·  Centrifuge 5402 (Eppendorf)


Department of Biomaterials Equipment listing

In communicating with the contact person for specific equipment, please include or cc:
Dr. Dindo Q. Mijares, Lab Manager - 212-998-9938