Equipment Listing: McDevitt Lab Microfabrication and Immunoassay


Microlution 3200-HSK

Microlution 3200-HSK is high precision 3-axis micro milling machine, featuring micron level positional accuracy and sub-micron level repeatability. The machine is designed to machine small features in small parts with extreme accuracy.

Microlution 3200-hsk





Universal Laser Systems PLS6.15D

The PLS platform delivers exceptional cutting, marking and engraving results for users who need both high speed and high quality. The PLS6.150D is designed to handle 3D engraving, complex cutting and intricate scoring and marking. All Universal laser platforms use interchangeable components, giving you the ability to tailor your system to fit your needs.

Universal laser systems pls6.15D





Summacut D75

The Summacut D75 is a vinyl cutter that has been adapted for rapid prototyping microfluidic devices via Xurography. The process involves patterning microfluidic channels in adhesive materials and capping these layers with thin plastics to form microfluidic circuits. This process is extremely rapid and inexpensive, and can allow designs to go from concept to testing in a matter of minutes.

Summacut D75






Siemens Dimension EXL 200
Integrated Chemistry System

The Siemens Dimension EXL 200 integrates chemistry and immunoassay with a comprehensive menu. The instrument features trusted and proven technologies, such as LOCI® advanced chemiluminescence, a heterogeneous immunoassay module, photometry, QuikLYTE® IMT, User-defined serum index (HIL) testing with infrequent calibration, low sample volumes, fast analysis times, and automation capabilities.

Siemens dimension exl 200





Programmable Bio-Nano-Chip
(p-BNC) Assay System

The p-BNC Assay system is capable of high-fidelity biomarker detection at the POC with performance that rivals remote laboratory instrumentation. The platform facilitates custom assay development via programmable cartridge that can accept user configured bead sensors and pad-based reagents.



p-bnc assay system



NanoDrop 2000c Spectrophotomete

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000c UV-Vis spectrophotometer features both microvolume pedestal and cuvette measurement options.

Wide spectral range (190-840nm) for measuring a variety of samples types: peptides (205nm), DNA and RNA (260nm), purified protein (280nm), toxicology assays and industrial dyes (490nm), gold nanoparticles (520nm), colorimetric protein assays, and optical density measurements (600nm). Pedestal measurements require only 0.5 – 2 µL of your sample and do not require sample dilution, even for highly concentrated samples. The cuvette station is ideal for measuring dilute nucleic acid and protein assays, includes heating and microstirring capabilities, and allows users to perform kinetics and cell culture readings (600nm).

Nanodrop 2000C