McDevitt Research Group

Diagnostics Research

The McDevitt Research laboratory is a medical microdevice group committed to improving the speed, accuracy and affordability of disease diagnosis on a global basis. Our team is focused on the development of medical micro-devices that have the potential to have a strong impact on the delivery of healthcare. We focus on issues that span from nanoscience & nanoengineering through immunology, chemistry, biology, physics and move onto global health issues. Our goal here is to move past the publications into development of distributed tools that impact the practice of medicine on a global basis. To accomplish this ambitious goal, we need a team that spans from basic research in microfluidics, chemistry and chip design as completed by undergraduate, graduate students and postdocs, but also includes the completion of rigorous clinical measurements as completed by technicians that is necessary to validate biomarkers under the supervision of senior scientists before they can reach widespread clinical practice. In sum, we not only develop state-of-the-art diagnostic devices, but we customize and validate them in the context of real-world clinical trials and partner with organizations that will place these devices into widespread clinical practice.