Biomaterials Division, Dept. of Molecular Pathobiology

Research Areas 

research areas


John T. McDevitt

  • BioMEMS and Medical Microdevices
  • Early Disease Detection
  • Mobile Health
  • Artificial intelligence applied to clinical testing
  • Biosensors tailored for various health conditions:
    • Cardiac heart disease
    • Oral cancer
    • Ovarian cancer
    • Prostate cancer
    • Trauma
    • Drugs of abuse
    • Therapeutic drug monitoring
    • Salivary diagnostics

Directory and Research Group

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Tim Bromage

  • Mineralized tissue biology of modern and fossil bone and teeth
  • Mammalian life history, usingtime-resolved incremental structures
  • Comparative bone and skeletal development relevant to environmental reconstruction
  • Craniofacial growth and development
  • Human paleontology and biological anthropology
  • Light and scanning electron microscopy, digital image processing
  • Metabolomics and chronobiology
  • Ecological stoichiometry in metabolic ecology research
  • Fieldwork on African Plio-Pleistocene deposits, and Mediterranean and European Pleistocene localities

Directory and Research Group

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Jack Ricci

  • Testing and development of advanced microtextured surfaces for enhancement of soft and hard tissue integration of dental and other types of implants
  • Regeneration of craniofacial defects through use of 3D printed scaffolds in combination with bioactive molecules
  • Research in the relationship between composition and lattice parameters of 3D printed scaffolds and quality and quantity of regenerated bone and rates of remodeling
  • Histologic and micro-computed tomography analysis of different types of bone graft substitute materials using animal models
  • In vitro cellular response to implant surfaces and bone regeneration scaffolds using molecular markers and genetic analysis


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Dindo Mijares

  • Biomaterials for Osteoporosis therapy, prevention and bone repair
  • Effects of synthetic bone mineral on alveolar bone in rat model
  • Mineralization of polymer scaffolds
  • Mineralizing and antibacterial coatings on enamel and dentin surfaces
  • Bioactive coatings on Ti alloy discs
  • Gutta percha obturation of lateral canals using cold lateral, warm vertical and gutta core technique.
  • Water- Expandable Endodontic Obturation Point: A comparative study of the Quality of two Root Canal Obturation Materials Using Micro-Computed Tomography


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