Li Lab

Molecular Pathobiology
Room 901E Dental Center, 421 First Avenue
Phone: (212) 998-9721


Dr. Xin Li is a tenured Professor at New York University. Her laboratory is interested in the role of metabolite in modulating microbiome and inflammation in physiological and pathological conditions. Dr. Li received her Bachelor degree in Biology and Biotechnology from Shandong University, Master of Science degree in Physiology from Chinese Academy of Science, and PhD in Integrative Physiology from Rutgers University. Dr. Li has published research papers in peer reviewed journals including Nature, Nature communication, Cancer Discovery, Cancer Research, Oncogene, JBMR, Carcinogenesis and JBC etc. She is also a recipient of various young investigators awards and has successfully mentored trainees from various background who received young investigator award from American Society for Bone and Mineral Research and American Society for Dental Research.