Fall of 2023 achievements

  • Congratulations to Lin Yung hung for her oral presentations at APS and the international serotonin meeting!
  • Congratulations to Taeseon woo for receiving a fellowship from the New York University Provost's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program!
  • Congratulations to Sarah najjar, lin Hung, and Zixing huang  for their co-authorship in a  Cell Stem Cell paper ( in collaboration with Lorenz Studer's laboratory!
  • Congratulations to Sarah najjar for her accepted review, "Serotonergic Control of the Gastrointestinal Tract in Health and Disease" in the journal of comprehensive physiology!
  • Congratulations to Lin hung for her co-authorship in Nano Letters (doi:  10.1021/acs.nanolett.2c02306)  with the laboratory of Kam Leong!
  • Congratulations to Alexa Boylan for her receipt of the AGA-Aman Armaan Ahmed Family Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship!
  • Congratulations to Melissa Medina for her receipt of the NASPGHAN Summer student fellowship!

Summer of 2022 Lab Achievements

  • Congratulations to Lin Hung, PhD and Sarah Najjar, PhD on their selection to attend the “Little Brain Big Brain” meeting in Germany!
  • Congratulations to Lin Hung, PhD on the 2022 award at the NYU Research Day!
  • Congratulations to Sarah Najjar, PhD on the 2022 awarding of her F32 and her NIH LRP Awards!
  • Congratulations to Andrew Del Colle, MS on his 2022 research grants from NASPGHAN and the AOA!