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August 14th, 2024 – 11am Room 230 Alex Thomsen NYU Dentistry PRC Seminar
September 4th, 2024 – 11am Room 210 Sonya Hanson Flatiron Institute MPB Seminar
September 11th, 2024 – 11am Room 220

Arthur Beyder Mayo Clinic MPB Seminar
September 18th, 2024 – 11am Room 230

Laura Kerusuo NIH MPB Seminar



4th Annual Molecular Pathobiology Innovative Research Symposium (AMPIRS) 2024

Annual Molecular Pathobiology Innovative Research Symposium

The Department of Molecular Pathobiology successfully held the 4th edition of the ‘Annual Molecular Pathobiology Innovative Research Symposium’ (AMPIRS), on June 14, 2024.

The AMPIRS 2024 event brought the Molecular Pathobiology community together for a day of ripe research conversations, collaborations and networking, including students, research staff, postdoctoral associates, research scientists and faculty. With over 170 attendees, the full-day event hosted 12 talks, 8 flash talks and 28 poster presentations across multiple research topics in pain, biomaterials, metabolism and inflammation, regenerative biology and more. The AMPIRS organizing committee received 49 abstracts, with tremendously impressive quality and depth of work. Each abstract was reviewed and scored by 2 judges of the organizing committee, and designated for oral presentation, flash talk or poster presentation based on the final compiled score. On the day of the event, each presentation was judged by 2 members of our esteemed panel of faculty judges. 

The opening remarks were kindly provided by Dr. Brian L. Schmidt, Senior Vice Dean for Research Development and Academic Affairs at NYU College of Dentistry, and the event was concluded by the Department Chair and Associate Dean for Research Development – Dr. Nigel Bunnett, who also announced the 2024 AMPIRS award winners.

AMPIRS 2024 had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Gareth Hicks, Entrepreneur in Residence at Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Co-founder of Viscera, as the keynote speaker. His talk shed light on new drug target discovery and the journey of a drug through various stages of validation and clinical trials. His talk also took a deeper dive into the world of biotech, the pharmaceutical industry and startups from the perspective of an industry leader, through his roles in discovery research, clinical development, business development and medical affairs teams, across multiple pharmaceutical companies.

The AMPIRS 2024 event was a tremendous success due to the robust participation and support from all members across the department of Molecular Pathobiology. The event also received support from sponsors GenScript, Cytiva, and Genesee Scientific. 

The event was planned and organized by the AMPIRS postdoctoral committee members – Casey Griffin, Elisa Damo, Ga-Yeon Son, Guilherme Henrique Souza Bomfim, Kritika Srinivasan Rajsri, Niloofar Ghadirian and Tu Nguyen, with support from the department administrative team – Agata Bien and Sally Morris.

If you are interested in serving on the committee for AMPIRS 2025, please reach out to Agata Bien or Sally Morris. All Postdoctoral Associates, Assistant and Associate Research Scientists are eligible to join the committee.

We would like to congratulate the AMPIRS 2024 Award winners:

  • Talks: Sarah Najjar, Kritika Srinivasan Rajsri and Kiana Bahrami
  • Flash Talks: Elisa Damo, Varun Chokshi, Kai Trevett
  • Posters: Luisa Valdetaro, Yaw Akosah, David Poolman