Representative Publications

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  1. Agoro R, Park MY, Le Henaff C, Jankauskas S, Gaias A, Chen G, Mohammadi M, Sitara D. C-FGF23 peptide alleviates hypoferremia during acute inflammation. Haematologica. In Press.
  2. Babitt JL; Sitara D. (2019). Crosstalk between fibroblast growth factor 23, iron, erythropoietin, and inflammation in kidney disease. Curr Op Nephrol Hypertens, 28(4), (p.304-310).
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  5. Coe LM, Vadakke Madathil S, Casu C, Lanske B, Rivella S, Sitara D. (2014). FGF-23 is a negative regulator of prenatal and postnatal erythropoiesis. J Biol Chem, 289(14): 9795-810.
  6. Vadakke Madathil S, Coe LM, Casu C, Sitara D. (2014). Klotho deficiency disrupts hematopoietic stem cell development and erythropoiesis. Am J Pathol, 184(3):827-41.
  7. Yuan Q, Sitara D, Sato T, Densmore M, Saito H, Schüler C, Erben RG, Lanske B. (2011). PTH ablation ameliorates the anomalies of Fgf23-deficient mice by suppressing the elevated vitamin D and calcium levels. Endocrinology, 152(11) (p.4053-61).
  8. Correa D, Hesse E, Seriwatanachai D, Kiviranta R, Saito H, Yamana K, Neff L, Atfi A, Coillard L, Sitara D, Maeda Y, Warming S, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Horne WC, Lanske B, Baron R. (2010). Zfp521 is a target gene and key effector of parathyroid hormone-related peptide signalling in growth plate chondrocytes. Developmental Cell, 19(4) (p. 533-46).
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  12. DeLuca S, Sitara D, Kang K, Marsell R, Jonsson K, Taguchi T, Erben RG, Razzaque MS, Lanske B. (2008). Amelioration of the premature aging-like features of Fgf-23 knockout mice by genetically restoring the systemic actions of FGF-23. Journal of Pathology, 216(3) (p.345-355).
  13. Sitara D, Kim S, Razzaque MS, Bergwitz C, Taguchi T, Schüler C, Erben RG, Lanske B. (2008). Genetic evidence of serum phosphate-independent functions of Fgf-23 on bone. PLoS Genetics, 4(8):e1000154.
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  15. Razzaque MS, Sitara D, Taguchi T, St-Arnaud R, Lanske B. (2006). Premature aging-like phenotype in fibroblast growth factor 23 is a vitamin D-mediated process. The FASEB Journal, 20(6) (p.720-722).
  16. Sitara D, Razzaque MS, Hesse M, Yoganathan S, Taguchi T, Erben RG, Jüppner H, Lanske B. (2004). Homozygous ablation of fibroblast growth factor-23 results in hyperphosphatemia and impaired skeletogenesis, and reverses hypophosphatemia in Phex-deficient mice. Matrix Biology, 23 (p.421-432).

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