Team Science

The Team Science initiative in the Department of Molecular Pathobiology recognizes that science is a team effort involving students, fellows, technicians and faculty. Multiple individuals contribute to science and everybody’s contribution should be acknowledged.

Team Science Research Training Curriculum

The Team Science Research Training Curriculum is designed to provide participants with foundational information that will facilitate transitioning to a career in basic or clinical research and education. Courses are offered annually at the College of Dentistry. Courses are open to students, fellows and faculty. Course Director: Dr. Shoshana Yakar, Ph.D.:

Topics will include:

Fundamentals of Research: scientific integrity and responsible conduct in research; ethical conduct of research, animal subjects, human subjects, stem cells; experimental design to ensure rigor and reproducibility; biostatistics; data integrity and ownership; effective collaboration - ingredients for a successful collaboration)

Fundamentals of Communication: scientific presentations – effective research talks, abstracts, posters, seminars, job talks; scientific writing – abstracts, manuscripts, abstracts; grant/fellowship preparation and writing; communicating with the public and media; advocating for science; role of science in international relations and global development

Fundamentals of Career Development: choosing your mentor; mentor/mentee interactions, conflict resolution; networking and requesting referrals/informational interviews; preparing a cv/resume and other application materials; careers in academia – obtaining a faculty position; careers in industry – obtaining an industry position; negotiation Workshop – both in academic and industrial settings; building research teams – challenges for new investigators; how to become an effective teacher; laboratory Management

Fundamentals in the Business of Science: reporting conflict of interest; intellectual property and patenting discoveries; starting a spinoff company; fundraising from government and the private sector.


Team Science Work-in-Progress Meetings

The Work-in-Progress Seminars (WIPS) are a monthly seminar series in the Department of Molecular Pathobiology and the NYU Dentistry Translational Research Center. WIPS is a trainee-centric program. It is organized by a committee of students and fellows and features talks by trainees, including graduate students, postdocs and research scientists. Presenters are given constructive feedback about the presentation style and scientific content from faculty members and their peers at the conclusion of the talks. The goal of WIPS is to provide trainees with greater opportunities to present their work to a wider audience, solicit feedback on their research and help them prepare for presentations at external conferences and workshops. WIPS also provides the opportunity for researchers in the department to be updated on the projects being conducted in other labs and can foster potential collaborations. The series is usually held at lunch time on every third Thursday of the month. Each session is comprised of two 20-minute talks that give an overview of the research projects, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. To participate in the series, please email Agata Bien ( to be included in the list of current research personnel. Trainee presentations are placed on the schedule in the order of their start dates at the NYU College of Dentistry. The current WIPS committee is comprised of Chloe Peach, Carole Le Henaff, Yuqi Guo and Shavonne Teng. For any questions regarding the series, please email Chloe (


Annual Molecular Pathobiology Innovative Research Symposium

The Annual Research Symposium of the Department of Molecular Pathobiology at the NYU College of Dentistry invites its members to showcase their novel and cutting-edge research to address the questions in the biomedical field. This symposium is designed to provide the vibrant community of undergraduate and graduate students, research assistants, research technicians, postdoctoral fellows, scientists, and faculty to meet and share their original research work. This event offers the attendees a unique opportunity for insightful learning, development of professional skills, networking and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Organization Committee

Alan Hegron | Nadege Gouignard | Sasan Rabieh | Min Young Park | Kritika Srinivasan Rajsri

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