OKU Omega Chapter Bylaws

Article I. Origin, Name, and Objectives

Section 1. Origin and Name

This Society, the Omega Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, was established by charter on June 6, 1929, as a component of the National Dental Honorary Society.

The Society is a non-profit organization and none of its net income inures to the financial benefit of any individual or individuals.

Section 2. Objectives

The Omega Chapter has been established to promote a spirit of high scholarship and good character among students of dentistry* and to honor, in an appropriate manner, those who have distinguished themselves in the qualities.

*Conforming to professional standards of conduct or ethics and demonstrating integrity in moralsof behavior and expression as deemed proper by the active membership of Omega Chapter.


Article II. Membership

Section 1. Classes of Membership

This chapter shall consist of charter, alumni, faculty and honorary members:

(a)    Charter Members. These are members of the faculty whose names appear on the charter as founders of the chapter. They shall have all the privileges of Active Members while remaining a member of the dental school faculty.

(b)   Alumni Members. Alumni Members shall be elected as follows:

Graduating students. The names of at least the upper 20% of both the 4 year and advanced standing students who rank highest in scholarship for the entire period that they have been in attendance at NYUCD shall be submitted by or obtained from the Dean. There shall be separate lists for the students in each category. A number consisting of not more than 12% of the students in each category who in addition to scholarship have demonstrated exemplary traits of characterand potential qualities of future professional growth and attainments, may be elected to Alumni Membership by the Active Members of the Omega Chapter. Furthermore, the lowest cumulative GPA for the chosen advanced standing students shall be no less than the lowest GPA for the chosen four-year students.

The election of such members may be held at the discretion of the Active Members at any time after the beginning of the second half of the last term.

A slate of eligible, and vetted, candidates shall be provided by the Nominating Committee. The voting on this slate of proposed candidates shall be in a manner determined by the Executive Committee. A two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Active Members of Omega Chapter who participate in the voting shall be necessary to elect a graduating student to Alumni Membership.Alumni of any dental school in which a component chapter has been established since theirgraduation may be eligible for membership. Such eligibility, however, shall be conditional upon ethical and unblemished record since graduation.

Alumni Members who become members of a dental school faculty are eligible for all the privileges of Active Members as stated in Section 2(a).

(c)    Faculty Members. These are the dentists in the dental school faculty who have been elected to membership after service as a full-time teacher for three years or a part-time teacher for six years. Full-time and part-time shall be defined by the administration of New York University College of Dentistry (NYU Dentistry).

To be eligible for election, a member of the faculty must, at a minimum, have achieved the academic rank of Assistant Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor or its equivalent and shall have made outstanding contributions to the art, science or literature of dentistry* in addition to the minimum period of service described above. A two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Active Members of this component chapter who participate in the voting shall be necessary to elect faculty to membership. The voting on this slate of proposed candidates shall be in a manner determined by the Executive Committee. They are eligible for all the privileges of Active Members as stated in Section 2(a).

*The terms art, science, or literature of dentistry wherever appearing in the Bylaws of this Society shall be interpreted as:
(a)  “The art of dentistry” shall imply skill in performance, acquired by experience, study and observation and may be manifested by presentation before graduate, post-graduate, refresher courses or dental meetings not sponsored or financed by a business firm or commercial enterprise, of a method of performing an operation or the development of an instrument, appliance, machine or equipment to facilitate dental operations with no purpose of self-profit.
(b)  “The science of dentistry” shall be interpreted as the introduction of a new theory or suggestion and based upon facts which have been established by study, observation and research, as distinguished from skill and performance.
(c)  “The literature of dentistry” shall imply the publication of books or the publication of articles, in a refereed journal of dentistry or allied science.

(d)   Honorary Members. The component chapter may elect to honorary membership any member of the dental profession who has made outstanding contribution to the art, science, or literature of dentistry, and others not members of the dental profession who have made similar contribution to the advancement of dentistry. At any annual meeting only one (1) person may be elected to such honorary membership. A two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Active Members of the component chapter who participate in the voting will be necessary to elect.

An Honorary Member of the Supreme Chapter or of a component chapter is entitled to the privileges of Active Membership as stated in Section 2(a). An Honorary Member of the Supreme Chapter may attendthe meetings of any component chapter, and have the privileges of Active Membership therein, except that of voting if not a member of the NYU Dentistry faculty.

Any member of Omega Chapter in good standing may propose candidates for Honorary Membership in Omega Chapter. Any proposal must be submitted on an official form obtainable from the Secretary-Treasurer and returned to the Secretary-Treasurer by January 31 of the year in which election is to take place. Any proposal must be seconded and accompanied by a letter of support by another member in good standing.

(e)    Life Members. To be granted Life Membership by a component chapter, one must have been an Active Member (see Section 2) for 30 years and have reached the age of 60. Life Members retain all privileges of Active Members while remaining a member of the dental school faculty, and are exempt from dues.

Section 2. Classes of Membership Activity

(a)    Active Members. All alumni, faculty, and honorary members who are members of the dental school faculty and have been approved by Omega Chapter are Active Members. Only Active Members may vote or be elected to office.

Acquiring Active Classification. All newly elected members of the Chapter who are eligible for Active Membership may be automatically classified Active by the Secretary-Treasurer when they indicate a desire to participate in the responsibilities of Active Membership, these being: to attend meetings, to serve on committee assignments, to serve in office, and to pay dues. Those members of the faculty who have been elected previously may acquire Active Membership by a similar expression to the Secretary-Treasurer, and after approval by the Executive Committee of the Chapter.

(b)   Associate Members are all members of the Omega Chapter who are not Active Members, but do support the Omega Chapter by payment of dues with a regularity satisfactory to the Executive Committee of the Omega Chapter.

Change from Active to Associate Membership. Those Active Members, who express their inability to meet the responsibilities stated in Section 2(a) above, may be changed to the Associate classification by the Secretary-Treasurer. At least thirty (30) days before each election meeting, the Secretary-Treasurer should consult with all Active Members, who did not participate in two consecutive previous meetings, to determine the status of their membership.

(c)    Inactive Members are those members of the Omega Chapter who are not Active or Associate Members and who do not pay dues. Inactive Members may be reinstated as Associate or Active Members upon the payment of a reasonable fee set by the Executive Committee of the Omega Chapter.

Change to Inactive Membership. The Secretary-Treasurer will reclassify both Active and Associate Members who are delinquent in payment of dues to Inactive Membership in accordance with the dues payment schedule requirement stated in Article III, Section 2.

Section 3. Invitation to Membership

When an invitation to membership is extended to a proposed member it must be accepted in a manner approved by the Executive Committee within thirty (30) days or the receipt of such invitation; and theproposed member must agree to the payment of the initiation fee, if any, and to be present in person for the conferring of membership, otherwise membership may be denied to him/her. A proposed membermay be excused from being present in person if a valid excuse is approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 4. Initiation Fee

(a)    Initiation Fee. The initiation fee, if any, shall be determined by the Executive Committee of Omega Chapter and should be sufficient for all of the following expenses: Chapter initiation fee, membership certificate costs and insignia costs. This fee shall be collected by the Secretary-Treasurer from each newly elected member prior to induction. Financial inability of a new member to tender immediate payment shall not invalidate his/her election. The newly elected Faculty Member will be charged only for the initiation fee with membership costs, but not for dues, during his/her first year of membership.


Article III. Dues

Section 1. Amount of Dues

The annual dues for Active and Associate Membership shall be determined by the Executive Committee. Life Members shall pay no dues. Active and Associate Members on military leave shall have their annual dues waive during said leave.

Section 2. Delinquency of Dues

Dues for Active or Associate Membership are due by April 1st; delinquent members shall be notified bythe Secretary-Treasurer. If the dues are not paid by June 1st of the same year, the member shall be reclassified by the Secretary-Treasurer as an Inactive Member.


Article IV. Officers


Section 1. Designated Officers

The officers of Omega Chapter shall be a President, President-elect, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer. They shall serve collectively as the Executive Committee of Omega Chapter.

Section 2. Terms of Office

The term of office shall be one year for all component chapter officers except that of Secretary- Treasurer who shall serve two or more consecutive terms in the same office. Officers shall continue to perform their duties until their successors have been elected and installed.

Section 3. Election of Officers

At the Annual Business Meeting, the new officers of the Chapter shall be nominated by a Nominating Committee appointed by the Chapter officers. Additional nominations may be made from the floor.

Election shall be by a majority vote of Active Members in attendance in accordance with Article II, Section2 of the Bylaws. Upon election, new officers shall be installed at the annual Convocation for Alumni Members.

Section 4. Vacancies

A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the President-elect. A vacancy in any other office shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee for the unexpired term.

Section 5. Duties of Chapter Officers

(a)    Duties of President

  1. To supervise the activities of the Chapter.
  2. To appoint a Parliamentarian who will act as an advisor to the President on parliamentary procedures and Bylaws.
  3. To enforce the Bylaws.
  4. To decide all questions of order.
  5. To call and specify the time and place of the Annual Business Meeting or any special meeting.
  6. To preside at the annual and any special meetings of the Chapter.
  7. To conduct the installation of new officers.
  8. To preside at the Annual Convocation.
  9. To preside at meetings of the Executive Committee.
  10. To appoint such committee as may be required by the Bylaws and other committees as may be deemed essential.
  11. To notify, in writing, all committee members of their appointments, a complete list of which shall be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer.
  12. To sign all membership certificates and other documents that may require authentication.
  13. To appoint an alternate delegate to the annual meeting of the Supreme Chapter.
  14. To examine the records of the Secretary-Treasurer.

(b)   Duties of President-Elect

  1. To assist the President in his/her duties.
  2. To serve as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee.
  3. To assume the office of President automatically should a vacancy occur in that office.
  4. To assume the duties of President at the next annual business meeting of the Chapter.
  5. To preside at meetings in the absence of the President

(c)    Duties of Vice-President

  1. To be the delegate of Omega Chapter to the Supreme Chapter Annual Meeting.
  2. To serve as Editor of Omega Chapter Bulletin.
  3. To write and arrange for the publication of all public announcements of the Omega Chapter.
  4. To arrange for all collations at business meetings.

(d)   Duties of Secretary-Treasurer

  1. To be responsible for books, papers, and all other documents of the Chapter.
  2. To maintain historical and biographical records.
  3. To maintain an official register of all members of the Chapter, according to type of membership and classification of activity.
  4. To transmit to the Membership Committee all proposals for membership which have been received.
  5. To submit to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Supreme Chapter, at least thirty (30) days before its Annual Meeting, an Annual Report, including a roster of all Active Members in the Chapter, name and addresses of newly elected members, names of deceased component members, the size of the Chapter’s “Bulletin” mailing list, activities and projects of the Chapter, and other items of general interest to the Society.
  6. To conduct the correspondence relating to the official business between the Supreme Chapter and the Omega Chapter.
  7. To prepare and conduct balloting as required.
  8. To notify Active Membership of all meetings.
  9. To extend the “Invitation to Membership.”
  10. To notify all Active Members of the annual dinner and Convocation.
  11. To sign, together with the President, all membership certificates and other papers as may be required to authenticate them.
  12. To issue to each new Active Member a copy of the Omega Chapter Bylaws, and a copy of the “Brief Summary of the Historical Data and other information pertinent to Omicron Kappa Upsilon.” The latter document also should be issued to each new member.
  13. To prepare and present a record (including roll call and minutes) of all business transactions of the Chapter and Executive Committee.
  14. To maintain the financial records of the Chapter and prepare and submit, at the Annual Meeting, the financial report of the Chapter.
  15. To receive all funds due to the Chapter, be responsible for all funds of the Chapter, and disperse funds on proper authority.
  16. To issue yearly statements of dues to all Active Members who have not tendered their dues by April 1st.
  17. To pay the annual dues to the Supreme Chapter by December 31st and include a report listing the names and addresses of Chapter officers elected during the year.
  18. To deliver all funds and property of the Chapter in his/her possession to his/her successor.

(e)    Special Duties of Executive Committee

  1. To determine the initiation fee.
  2. To fill vacancies in office, other than that of President, by appointment.
  3. To decide all matters relating to the general welfare of the Chapter for which the Bylaws do not provide, and such other duties as may, from time to time, be given to it by the Chapter.
  4. To rule upon changes in classification of membership activity.


Article V. Committees

Section 1. Regular Committees

The President shall appoint within thirty (30) days of his/her installation to office an Auditing Committee, a Convocation Arrangements Committee and a Membership Committee.

(a)     Nominating Committee. This committee shall consist of at least five (5) Active Members, the President-elect as chairperson, and four (4) other members appointed by the Executive Committee. The committee shall prepare a list of candidates for the various elective offices of the Chapter, and nominate these candidates at the meeting for election of officers.

(b)    Auditing Committee. This committee shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the President to audit the books of the Chapter immediately preceding the annual election of officers. Their report shall be made at the election meeting, preceding the election of officers, with a written report for the Secretary-Treasurer.

(c)     Convocation Arrangements Committee. This committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) Active Members appointed by the President. It shall arrange for the time, place, and dinner of the annual convocation. It shall select and engage a well-qualified speaker for the convocation. It shall assist the Secretary-Treasurer in preparing notices, financial arrangements, and collections pertaining to the dinner and convocation.

(d)    Membership Committee. This committee shall consist of a minimum of five (5) Active Members appointed by the President. It shall review the qualifications of all proposed candidates for Alumni, Faculty, Honorary, and Life Membership, and nominate for membership those considered eligible pursuant to these Bylaws. In the case of Faculty Membership, it shall not edit the list of nominees to bring it in line with the maximum number allowed to be elected as per the Bylaws of the Supreme Chapter. It shall obtain and submit to the Secretary-Treasurer the curriculum vitae for all Faculty and Honorary Member candidates to be nominated at the election meeting, no later than ten (10) days before the annual election meeting.

(e)   Student Activities / Relations Committee. The committee shall consist of a total of five (5) Active Members including a chairperson appointed by the President. The committee will recommend the annual welcome gift for the incoming dental students and design where on the gift the logo will be placed. The committee will arrange the time and place of the Dinner of Excellence, Convocation and arrange for invitations to be sent out in a timely fashion in advance of the dinners.

(f)  Publications and Member Relations Committee. The committee shall consist of a total of three (3) Active Members appointed by the President. The committee will contact the NYU Dentistry’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs, or its equivalent, to publicize OKU sponsored events throughout the year. The committee will be responsible for updating the OKU Omega Chapter website.

(g)  Awards Committee. The committee shall consist of a total of five (5) Active Members including a chairperson appointed by the President. The committee will work in conjunction with the Secretary-Treasurer of the Omega Chapter to propose student and faculty nominees who qualify for the following Supreme Chapter awards which include the Craig, Kramer, Leeper, OKU Chapter, and Research Awards as well as any new awards created by the Supreme Chapter. The committee will propose to the executive committee students worthy of the annual NYU Dentistry Kaufman and Alfano Awards as well as any other awards that are created.

Section 2. Special Committees

The President may appoint such other committees as may be deemed necessary.

Section 3. Notice of Appointments

The President shall immediately notify the Secretary-Treasurer, in writing, of all committee appointments, and notify all appointees, in writing, of their own appointment.


Article VI. Meetings

Section 1. Annual Election of Officers Meeting

(a)    This meeting shall be held as near as possible to March 15th, and shall serve for reports of the Nominating, Auditing, and other committees designated by the President, and shall be the annual meeting for election and installation of new officers.

(b)    The President shall specify the exact time and place, and the Secretary-Treasurer shall give written and/or electronic notice to all active members at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting.

Section 2. Annual Membership Meeting

(a)    This meeting shall be held as near as possible to March 15th, and shall serve for reports of the Convocation Arrangements and Membership Committees, and other committees designated by the President, and shall be the annual meeting for election and installation of new officers.

(b)    The President shall specify the exact time and place, and the Secretary-Treasurer shall give written and/or electronic notice to all active members at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the meeting.

Section 3. Annual Convocation

An annual convocation for all members of the Chapter shall be held as close as possible to the week preceding spring graduation ceremonies, for the purpose of honoring and conferring membership upon new members of the Chapter.

Section 4. Special Meeting

(a)    Special meetings may be called by the President or upon the written request to the President of six (6) Active Members of the Chapter, setting forth their reason for the special meeting.

(b)    The President shall specify the time and place, and the Secretary-Treasurer shall give written notice to all Active Members in advance of such meeting.


Article VII. Parliamentary Authority

Section 1. Procedures

Parliamentary procedures not indicated in these Bylaws shall be conducted in accordance with the current issue of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 2. Quorum

At all Regular and Special Meetings, a quorum will be required to conduct business. A quorum will be defined as 25% of the Active Members of the Society. A member shall be considered to be present and counted in the quorum if they are physically present at the meeting or logged in via an electronic method that was listed in the meeting notice.

Section 3. Annual Meeting Order of Business

The business at the Annual Election of Officers Meeting of Omega Chapter shall be conducted in the following order:

  1. Roll call
  2. Reading of minutes
  3. President’s remarks
  4. Secretary-Treasurer’s report
  5. Report of Committees:
    1. a. Membership
      b. Auditing
      c. Convocation Arrangements
      d. Nominating
  6. Reports of Special Committees
  7. Unfinished business
  8. Election of new Faculty Members
    1. a.         If the number of nominees for Faculty Membership is equal to or less than the maximum number of faculty to be elected in accordance with the Bylaws of the Supreme Chapter, the members will be provided with a ballot of all names and the vote will be on the entirety of the ballot. If any member present has an objection to any of the nominees, they will move to divide the question. This motion does not need a second and will divide the main question into two motions. The first will be the nominee in question and the second will be the remainder of the ballot. Both motions will require the two thirds (2/3) majority of those Active Members present and voting as is in accordance with the Bylaws of the Supreme Chapter.
      b.         If the number of nominees for Faculty Membership is greater than the maximum number of faculty to be elected in accordance with the Bylaws of the Supreme Chapter, the members will be provided with a ballot of all names nominated and may vote for one or more nominees up to a maximum allowable number equal to the maximum number allowed to be elected. Any ballot that contains votes greater than this number will be considered voided and not be counted as being cast to determine the two thirds (2/3) majority of those Active Members present and voting. Those obtaining the top number of votes, to the maximum allowed, will be considered elected providing they have received the two thirds (2/3) majority of those Active Members present and voting to pass as is accordance with the Bylaws of the Supreme Chapter. In the case that a tie exists, a runoff election will be held immediately. The ballot will consist of only the names of the tied nominees. Members may vote for one or more nominees up to the number of available positions. Any ballot that contains votes greater than this number will be considered voided and not be counted as being cast to determine the two thirds (2/3) majority of those Active Members present and voting. Those obtaining the top number of votes, to the maximum allowed, will be considered elected providing they have received the two thirds (2/3) majority of those Active Members present and voting as is accordance with the Bylaws of the Supreme Chapter. In the event a tie still exists, a second runoff election will be held immediately, notifying the voting members that this will be the final ballot and if after two runoff elections, a tie still exists, none of the nominees that were still tied will be considered elected and voting will cease. Those not elected may be resubmitted for consideration for nomination by the next year’s Membership Committee.
  9. New business
  10. Election of Officers
  11. Installation of Officers
  12. Adjournment

Section 4. Suspension of Bylaws

These Bylaws which are in the nature of rules of order may be suspended at the annual meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the members present.


Article VIII. Suspension and Forfeiture of Membership

Section 1. Suspension/Loss of Membership

Any member may be suspended or expelled from a Component Chapter by three fourths (3/4) affirmative vote of the Active Members of that chapter given the following conditions:

(a)    Sufficient cause for initiating this procedure would be recognition of a violation of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Supreme or Component Chapter, or a violation of the Principles of Ethics of the American Dental Association. The member shall be notified of the reasons for consideration of his/her suspension or expulsion by registered mail thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting. The charges will be considered and the balloting will take place at an officially convened meeting.

(b)    The member shall be allowed to present a rebuttal to those charges at this meeting.

Section 2. Appeals

Any member suspended or expelled by a Component Chapter may appeal to the Executive Committee of the Supreme Chapter within thirty (30) days after such action has been taken. The decision of the Executive Committee of the Supreme Chapter shall be final.

Section 3. Insignia

All insignia are the property of the Supreme Chapter and must be returned to the Supreme Secretary-Treasurer upon forfeiture of membership.


Article IX. Amendments

Section 1. Supreme Chapter Approval

As provided in Article I, Section 3 of the Bylaws of the Supreme Chapter, the Bylaws adopted by this chapter must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Supreme Chapter in order to be effective.

Section 2. Notice of Amendment

Each proposed amendment shall be signed by at least two active members and submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer at least thirty (30) days before it is voted upon. Within ten (10) days of the receipt of such amendment, the Secretary-Treasurer shall forward a copy of the proposed amendment to each Active Member for his/her consideration.

Section 3. Voting on Amendment

These Bylaws may be amended at any annual or special meeting by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members in attendance, provided each Active Member was given notice of the meeting and of the proposed amendment at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.