Pediatric Outreach

The NYU Dentistry Department of Pediatric Dentistry was founded in 1939, as one of the first in the nation, and has always been committed to community service and care for the underserved. The core philosophy is that oral health care of the infant and child is the responsibility of the primary care provider and through health promotion and prevention of oral disease, every child can grow up with a healthy and intact dentition.

The Department has a long history of working with the community and public schools across New York City to provide oral health education and treatment to children. Our pediatric community outreach programs include the following:

  • A 25-year history of providing care to public school children at the pediatric dentistry clinic for comprehensive care through a school busing program.
  • Outreach programs that provide examinations to 5,000 children annually including physically and emotionally challenged children
  • Participation in community health fairs citywide, providing oral health education, screenings, and referrals, including the New York City Special Olympics, Special Smiles Program.
  • Affiliation with New York City Administration for Children's Services and Head Start centers, offering oral health examinations and a busing treatment program for comprehensive care.
  • “Playing It Safe” Mouth Guard program, providing preventive service through community centers and schools.
  • NYU "Bringing Smiles" program, providing complete dental services at New York City Public Schools.


Social Stories

Going to the Dentist at My School - photo
Going to the Dentist at My School - illustration


For more information, please contact:

Yan Zhao
Department Administrator
(212) 998-9435