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Our mission is to enhance oral healthcare access to the communities we serve while providing exceptional and transformative training for oral health leaders.

Improving Access to Oral Health

NYU Dentistry's Global Outreach Programs provide a unique service-learning experience for faculty and students in dentistry, hygiene, advanced education, and public health. These interdisciplinary programs offer a comprehensive perspective on access-to-care issues, challenging participants to rethink their roles as healthcare providers. Through clinical outreach, underserved populations facing barriers to oral healthcare receive dental services, addressing economic hardships and limited insurance coverage. Post-outreach evaluations consistently show transformational effects on participants, who consider these experiences as highlights in their NYU Dentistry career. The programs span both domestic (New York State and Maine) and international locations (Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and soon Chile), offering participants the chance to engage with local communities and provide much-needed oral healthcare. The NYU Dentistry Global Outreach Programs’ commitment to public health principles and global service learning fosters a passion for volunteerism and social responsibility among its students. Involvement in the programs exposes participants to public health approaches, focusing on school-based, pediatric prevention with minimally invasive, non-aerosol procedures to reach a larger population safely and promote sustained oral health in communities.

Fourth-year dental students have the opportunity to apply and participate in the elective course, "Dental Leaders in Global Public Health," which enables eligibility for participation in the Global Outreach Programs. This year-long course includes monthly sessions covering essential topics in public health, leadership, program implementation, data collection, and reporting. This elective presents a valuable platform for dental students to acquire vital skills and knowledge in global public health while preparing them for impactful engagement in the Global Outreach Programs. Competitive candidates demonstrate a passion and commitment to public service, public health, and are academically eligible to participate.

Engaging in the Global Outreach Programs presents a valuable opportunity for Faculty and Administrators at NYU Dentistry to mentor students and contribute significantly to the mission of enhancing access to oral health care in the communities served. Limited spots are available for Faculty and Administrators to participate in these programs, providing a meaningful platform to impact oral health positively while fostering the growth and development of the next generation of health care professionals.

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Global Outreach Spring 2023

Dominican Republic & Machias, ME
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Dominican Republic
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