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What You Need for Your First Visit

*For children's dentistry (pediatrics) please visit the Pediatric Dentistry page, as different documents are needed.

To become a patient at NYU College of Dentistry, proper identification is required at your first visit. You will need to bring:

  • Proof of Identification: License, State-Issued ID, or Passport.
  • Proof of Address: License, State-Issued ID, or a Bill in the Patient's Name.

Our Patient Admissions and Registration office is located on the main floor of the lobby, accessed most easily from the 24th Street entrance to the building. At the time of your scheduled appointment, please visit the Patient Admissions and Registration office and bring your required identification as well as the completed Patient Registration Form to save time during the registration process.

Here's what our patients are saying

I just wanted to send a note to let you know just how happy I am with the care and excellent skill of Mina. I have neglected my teeth for a very long time and was terrified of the dentist. From the first moment of coming in and meeting Mina I felt at ease and he assured me that he would take care of me and walk me thru every step of the way. He has been the best dentist I could have ever had ... You have a remarkable student and future dentist in him and I just wanted to let you know and thank him and your school for all the help and proper and professional and friendly service I have been provided! I am very lucky to have met and gotten him as my dentist! Thank you very much.

I need to let you know how impressed I’ve been by my entire experience at NYU Dental School. At age six, my dentist had urged my parents to provide me the opportunity to have braces, but they couldn't afford such an expense. Years passed and as an adult my dentist again asked me to consider getting braces. As a result of bruxism, I had nearly worn my lower front teeth to mere stubs.

After an initial evaluation of my dental health at NYU, it was suggested that I be evaluated by the Prosthodontics Department. They concluded that initial treatment was necessary by the Orthodontic Department in order to get the desired results. I was 63 years old, and on Boniva. It was thought that the Boniva would prevent the tooth movement necessary for effective treatment by an Orthodontist. The Orthodontic Department took me on as their patient.

From that day forward, Dr. Barrera, under the expert direction of Dr. Nicolay, came to my rescue by assuming my daunting challenge. Her dedication to my cause never faltered. Dr. Barrera’s relentless determination to make the impossible possible finally came to fruition. After two years of extreme professionalism and tireless effort, she managed to transform my entire mouth. My braces were finally removed today and the results were astounding. How do you thank someone who has changed your life in such a profoundly amazing way?

My new positive bite has corrected a TMJ problem I’ve struggled with since my teenage years. The overcrowding of my teeth has been greatly remedied and my face and smile are simply beautiful!

Now I am ready to complete my journey in the care of Dr. Barbosa of Prosthodontic Dentistry, who has already proven to be quite a perfectionist.

Infinite thanks.

– Irene T.


This communication is to acknowledge and express my gratitude for the superior treatment I have received from the NYU College of Dentistry and from you specifically. This program was recommended by a friend; however, I was initially skeptical primarily due to my concern for the lack of experience of its student practitioners. This concern was unfounded. I have never received such comprehensive; knowledge based and focused care as I have from you and NYU - at a fraction of the cost of private practice.

The dental treatment you personally provided as well as your coordination of this process within the various departments of the institution has specifically caused this health care experience to become optimized. Your significant knowledge, general pleasantness and high level of professionalism made my consultations with you invaluable. I have a high level of confidence that my oral health is as good as it has ever been as a result of your efforts.

In sum, I wanted to thank you personally for all your great help. As a result of my interaction with NYU and you specifically, I have already, and shall continue to recommend this very high quality and economically viable service.

– Sincerely,
 Alexander Q.


I would like to extend my sincerest thanks for the wonderful treatment I received at the hands of the dentists at your facility. In my view, most people only mention the bad experiences. I feel differently. My appreciation goes out to the great team of students, dentists and their superiors, whose treatment is exceptional. The staff reflects guidance and intelligence and through team effort have efficiently fulfilled my needs as a patient. I attribute my satisfaction to Martine R. Mandracchia, DMD, and Group Practice Director. Through her intervention, my dental work is done with the utmost precision. I am also greatly impressed by the skills of Bhavnest Singh under the supervision of Dr. Mandracchia. I am so impressed by my wonderful experience at the NYU College of Dentistry. My thanks and gratitude goes out to you all.

-- Sincerely,
    Emily D.


I’d like to tell you again how extremely impressed I am with your dental school and the services it provides to the community. I am very pleased with the services I am receiving.

I am assigned to Clinic 4S and student dentist Dr. Pooja Desai. She is such a nice person to work with. She is always on time and available to me. She is very sweet and has done very good dental work on me. I appreciate her skillful and professional work on my teeth.

Because I am so happy with the high level of care you offer, I continue to give people in Westchester your brochure. I tell them that the student doctors have to show their work before and after treatment to two supervising faculty advisors.

– Sincerely,
  Dene R.


I wanted to let you know what a positive experience it was being treated by Narain Paryani over the last twelve months or so. This was my first experience with NYU Dental School, and I have to say that I originally had some reservations about being treated by a "student" dentist. My reservations disappeared in my first half hour in the chair. I could tell right away that Narain had the skill of a very experienced dentist and his chair side manner was very professional. He was always very accommodating with scheduling appointments and sensitive to my rather precarious financial situation. It is obvious that at NYU you teach and preach to your students that dentistry is more than just "skill with the drill." It's about treating and managing people and their dental needs with the exercise of not only skill, but sound judgment, compassion and good business sense. If I'm right about this, you have done a fantastic job in educating Narain. And, it is obvious that you yourself have a great touch and rapport with your students, for which I applaud you. My beautiful new front teeth have made a huge difference in my life. Thank you very much.

– Peter S.


I am very happy with the dental care and treatment I received from Dr. Shai! She was always on time, prepared to work, prepared for me (my case), and attentive to my dental needs, questions and concerns. She was always very professional and made sure I received the best care. What was very impressive and earned my trust was she listened and heard me and if Dr. Shai didn't know the answer to any of my many, many, many questions, she found the answer! Her concern for me, not only as a patient but as a person, was a pleasant experience. I even looked forward to my appointments (imagine!) because I knew Dr. Shai did her homework and went the extra mile to ensure that my dental care was the best.

Thank you!
– Angela S.


May I humbly express my appreciation to Dr. Mansi Mehta, my attending student doctor, who in all respects acted professionally, understandingly and who I may say is a total asset to the staff and the student body of New York University. Dr. Mehta treated me from the very start of my intent in acquiring a lower denture.

Dr. Mehta's doctor-to-patient interchanges were excellent. She placed me at rest and in confidence by discussing her step-by-step treatment in the preliminaries, the extraction, developing the mold and finally her patience and expertise involved in adjusting my lower denture. Through her guidance with Dr. Bharat C. Joshi, she discussed every aspect of my treatment and made it very clear how it was to proceed ... I am very compelled to extol her fine qualities as a Student Doctor but in particular a fine professional Prosthodontist.

I cannot say enough for Dr. Mehta -- her fine performance and character are a wonderful example of what makes NYU the fine institution that it is. 

– Carlos C.


I am very impressed with Mike Hougland, my student dentist. When he met me, he immediately instilled confidence by introducing himself as a student, but noted that the faculty were very good dentists at the tops of their field. That meant that he would go to them regarding anything he wasn’t sure of, and I would be getting very good dental care. He has been true to his word.

Mike explains what is going on clearly and makes sure I understand it. In many ways he has shown me that he is concerned about me and he goes out of his way to be sure I do get good care. He even called me at home to check on me and to be sure I understood what I should be doing at home.

Mike manages to be friendly, but remain totally professional.

– Robert S.


I want to express my gratitude to you and your wonderful group of professionals at Clinic 2CDA.

First and foremost, my experience with Student Dentist Ms. Yaffa Borukhova is exceeding my expectations, including but not limited to her "consistent" efforts in being organized and exceptional in the following areas:

- educating me on oral healthcare;
- examining my teeth and diagnosing dental conditions by using tools such as x-rays;
- assessing my treatment options and agreeing to treatment plans;
- carrying out agreed clinical treatments such as restoring teeth affected by decay;
- maintaining my dental records;
- assisting me treatment at other units e.g. 8-W, 5-W, 7-W;
- managing my budget concerns;
- keeping me abreast of developments.

In addition, Anthony Rice, Clinic Manager 2CDA continues to provide superior assistance, along with Ann, Ian, and Myesha. My experience to date with supervising dentists, as well as student dentists, certainly displays professionalism and great concern to my wellbeing. Wonderful!!!

– Anthony P.


I am writing to tell you that I have had a very rewarding experience with Binita Shah, who is a Student Dentist.

At first I was dismayed to discover that my income qualified me for Medicaid, but after years of struggling to meet my dental needs on a low income, I took the plunge and gave your school a try.

I could not be happier. I have an excellent dentist in Ms. Shah. She is persistent and punctual about the appointments and not only do I feel confident when she is handling instruments and performing procedures, her personal manner is courteous and professional.

I have told everyone I know that NYU School of Dentistry will meet and exceed their expectations. A lot of my friends and acquaintances are artists and entrepreneurs like me and they don't need to put their dental health on hold any more.

I asked Ms. Shah if I could write a recommendation for her and it is my pleasure to do so.

– Cynthia M.


I want thank you for the professional services of you student Maggie Blaszcze. After taking X-rays of my upper teeth, Maggie found two of them loose.

Maggie then set a plan to make me a new upper denture. The day my teeth were pulled, she stayed with me and helped to insert my new denture. She also helped with the following visits.

I can't thank and praise her enough.

– Edward G.


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to rave about Dantel Weaver! She was extremely professional, confident and pleasant, and did an absolutely amazing job on my teeth.

Congratulations on heading a department with such well-trained students. Well done :)

Thanks again!
– Russ M.
Dr. Kavita Patel is my dentist at your clinic. I was there Sept 30th to put "finishing touches" on a crown that had numerous problems. Just had to say how very impressed I am with the caliber of dentistry practiced by Kavita. She has all the attributes that a top-notch dentist should possess: she is caring and thorough, and I trust in her expertise. I think she is the best all-around dentist  -- she shines!!! My tooth feels great - filed it down to just the right level. Thank you very much!

– Debra F.


The NYU College of Dentistry is located at 345 E. 24th Street (corner of First Avenue) in Manhattan.

  • For Emergency Services/Urgent Care, please call
    (212) 998-9458.
  • To schedule your first appointment, please call
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