Shared Scientific Core Resources

NYU Dentistry core research facilities and equipment offer a broad range of instrumentation and capabilities not often found in academic dental centers. Designed to be shared by investigators both on campus and externally, and to foster collaborative research, these state-of-the-art technologies are playing an important role in the growth of basic, clinical and translational research to improve human health. We invite you to take advantage of NYU Dentistry core scientific resources that are contributing not only to the quality and productivity of research conducted at NYU Dentistry, but also beyond our walls.

Brian L. Schmidt, DDS, MD, PhD
Vice Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs



Visit the Anaerobic Workstation page >>>

  • Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation
  • Located in Room 1010S

Visit the Biostatistics page >>>


Visit the Flow Cytometry page >>>

Visit the Histology and Correlative Microscopy page >>>

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Visit the Irradiator page >>>

Visit the Microbiome/Sequencing Facility page >>>


Visit the MicroCT page >>>

Visit the Quantitative Histomorphometry page >>>

  • Plastic embedding of undecalcified bone samples
  • Thin sectioning, staining, imaging and analysis
  • Contact Johanna Warshaw, Phd, Director
  • Located in Room 815-817-S


Visit the Biological Analytics page >>>

  • BioRad ChemiDoc gel documentation
  • Molecular Devices Plate Reader
  • MSD 2400 Plate Reader/scanner
  • Nanodrop 2001

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Visit the Fluorescence Light Microscope page >>>

  • 2000 E-Nikon Microscope Eclipse TE

Contact Evgeny Pavlov at

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Visit the Systematic Review page >>>

  • Contact Topaz Murray at
  • Located at 433 First Avenue, 7th Floor

Visit the X-ray and Infrared-Based Technology page >>>

  • X-Ray Diffraction
  • Micro-CT Scanco 40

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Basic Science Equipment

Visit the Molecular Pathobiology Equipment Inventory page >>>