Biostatistics Core


The goal of the Biostatistics Core is to offer methodological and statistical support to clinicians and scientists at the New York University College of Dentistry. Consulting services include grant writing for methods/statistics sections, experimental design, instrument development and psychometrics, data cleaning/formatting/coding, statistical analysis, data visualization, and report writing. The Biostatistics Core does not offer data collection or data entry support. Support is offered in Stata, SPSS, and SAS.

Researchers interested in biostatistics services must submit a service request form (PDF) so that the core can identify the statistician most suitable for your particular project. Following receipt and review of your application, you will be contacted by a member of the core to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss the project, goals, time requirements, and cost limitations. Continued support is contingent upon availability of biostatistics core faculty. Please submit the service request form (PDF) to Topaz Murray.