Flow Cytometry Facility


The Levy lab provides training in operation of the cytometer and oversight of the facility.

Potential users are trained by the Levy lab and approved for use by Dr. Levy. Once approved, users may schedule time on the machine and operate it independently.

It is the responsibility of core users to be proficient in flow cytometry methods and data analysis.

Collaborative work between the Levy lab and potential users is arranged through Dr. Levy.


Flow Cytometry


Features of the upgraded FACSort

3 Lasers:

  • 407 nm Violet Diode Laser
  • 488 nm Blue Argon Laser
  • 637 nm Red Diode Laser

7 Parameters

  • SSC, FSC
  • FL2: PE, PI YFP, DsRed
  • FL3: PI, PerCP, 7-AAD PECy5, PerCP-Cy5.5,
  • FL4: APC, Alexa Fluor 647
  • Pacific Orange, Cascade Yellow
  • FL5: Pacific Blue, CFP, AmCyan, Alexa Fluor 405

Data collection in CellQuestPro

  • Recommended data analysis software: http://www.flowjo.com
  • Capability to run simultaneous GFP/YFP/CFP or GFP/DsRed/CFP fluorescent proteins.

5 Color FACSort optical layout

5 color FACsort

Data storage

Responsibility of user.

Suggested literature

A library of print manuals is available in the core facility.