Fluorescence Light Microscope

2000 E-Nikon microscope

2000 E-Nikon Microscope Eclipse TE

* Requires training prior to scheduling use.

The microscope has the following capabilities:

  • Wide-field imaging:
    • DIC and phase contrast with a variety of lenses on live or fixed cells.
    • Image capturing with high-end Andor Zyla camera.
    • Filters are available for Blue, Red, Green and Yellow fluorescence with a Xenon lamp.
    • FURA-2 calcium imaging in living cells.
    • Rose or Warner chamber systems that can maintain 37 °C and have autofocus for extended duration time lapse videos.
  • Spinning disk confocal imaging:
    • Crest Optics confocal module – ideal for live cells imaging.
    • LED as a light source.
    • Excitation wavelength available (nm): 395; 440; 470; 508; 555; 640.
    • Image capturing with high-end Andor Zyla camera.

Sample Videos