Quantitative Bone Histomorphometry Core


The QBHC provides embedding of undecalcified bone samples in a methyl methacrylate polymer suitable to many modes of staining as well as immunohistochemistry. We embed femora, tibiae and vertebrae, and can work with you if your needs include other skeletal elements.

QBHC embedding


Thin Sectioning Equipment

Our facility houses a Leica RM2265 fully motorized rotary microtome.

Leica RM2265
Leica RM2265


The Histology and Correlative Microscopy Core imaging facility affords us the capability to image in high resolution in both brightfield and fluorescence modes. Whole bone images can be produced at a magnification of 20x or higher.



  • Toluidine blue
  • Masson’s trichrome
  • TRAP
  • We can work with you on other staining protocols as per your needs.
TRAP with no counterstain, 60x

TRAP with no counterstain, 60x

Toluidine Blue

Toluidine blue, 20x


As we are located within the Histology and Correlative Microscopy Core facility, we can provide quantitative analysis of bone features using BIOQUANT Osteo Measure.