Pilot Project Awards

Each year, the NYU Center for
Skeletal and Craniofacial Biology (CSCB) seeks applications for collaborative
research pilot projects from members of the Center.

The intent of the NYU CSCB Research Pilot Project Awards is to support collaborative scientific studies for one year to enable development of preliminary data that will serve as the foundation for submission of research grant applications. The purpose is to support the development of collaborative research among investigators who are members of the NYU CSCB. In the past, awards of up to $15,000 have been distributed to support one-year projects, beginning in January. Many past awardees have gone on to receive NIH funding to continue their projects.

Past Awardees

Awardee Year Current Position Subsequent Funding
Emi Shimizu 2013 Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine R01
Satoko Matsumura 2013 Associate Professor, Columbia University Irving Medical Center  
Oran Kennedy 2013 Senior Research Lecturer, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland  
Juhee Jeong 2015 Associate Professor, NYU Dentistry R01
Alesha Castillo 2015 Assistant Professor, NYU Tandon R01, VA Merit Award
Jian Yang 2016 Senior Scientist, J&J, China  
Teruyo Nakatani 2016 Japan  
Smruti Pushalkar 2018 Research Scientist, NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology NYU Challenge Funds
Anna Di Gregorio 2018 Associate Professor, NYU Dentistry R03
Nadege Gouignard 2019 Postdoctoral Fellow R21
Brian Dynlacht 2019 Professor, NYU Langone R01, R21
Carole Le Henaff 2020 Assistant Research Scientist, NYU Dentistry submitting NIDCR-R03 application + R01 application


The primary criteria for funding of these awards are

  1. Quality of the science proposed.
  2. Potential of the applicants to acquire future independent funding for the project.
  3. Demonstration of collaborations among basic science and clinical members of the CSCB.
  4. Usage of one of the CSCB cores: MicroCT, Hard Tissue Histology, Histology & Correlative Microscopy, Biomechanics, Microsurgery, Translational.


This competition is open to all members of the NYU CSCB at the NYU College of Dentistry, NYU Grossman, and the NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital.

Eligible applicants include all faculty members, senior post-doctoral research fellows and clinical fellows if they are likely to become faculty members, and established investigators whose proposals fit the above-listed criteria. Students and beginning post-doctoral fellows are not eligible.

Stay tuned for more information.

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