Annual Research Day

Congratulations to all the winners (listed below)

Best Clinical Case/Clinical Research

Presenter Name: Daniela Pereira
Title: Addressing Childhood Caries in Hispanic Migrant Children: School-Based Program
Mentor: Dr. Rose Amable

Best Basic Science

Presenter Name: Sungpil Chae
Title: Targeting Succinate Receptor 1 Alleviates Oral Complications During Aging
Mentor: Xin Li

Best Literature Review

Presenter Name: Athman Sivaseelan
Title: Oral Manifestations of Long-Term Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART)
Mentor: Analia Veitz-Keenan

Best Behavioral, Epidemiology & Educational Research

Presenter Name: Tal Sahar
Title: Social Media Analysis of Patient's Complaints Surrounding the bankrupt of Unsupe
Mentor: Analia Veitz-Keenan

Special Award for AADR/Dent Supply

Presenter Name: Madusha Perera
Title: Deletion of CLR Gene Attenuates Oral Cancer Nociception
Mentor: Brian L. Schmidt

International Dentists
Top 3 across all sub-categories


Presenter Name: Chiara Burgio
Title: Innovative ‘INK GLUE Technique’ – Revolutionizing the World of Ultrathin Veneers
Mentor: Anabella Oquendo


Presenter Name: Nikita Puri
Title: From Canine to Central – Injectable Resin Composite Fully Digital Workflow
Mentor: Camilla S. Sampaio


Presenter Name: Benedetta Grassi
Title: Management of Fistula Formation in Dental Implant: A Review of Literature
Mentor: Giuseppe Bianco

Advanced Education
Top 3 across all sub-categories


Presenter Name: Samantha Lakhia
Title: Dimensional Accuracy of Milled Versus Printed 4-Unit Monolithic Zirconia FPDs
Mentor: Thomas Giugliano

Presenter Name: Ali Adil
Title: Reducing Perceived Barriers to Achieving Competency in Clinical Endodontics: The Development and Assessment of Student-Informed Instructional Videos
Mentor: Lorel Burns


Presenter Name: Jamie Progebin
Title: An In Vitro Comparison of Work of Fracture Load in One-Piece Milled, Two-Piece Milled, and Conventionally Processed Complete Dentures
Mentor: Dr. Mijin Choi


Presenter Name: Amanda Tai
Title: Systematic Review: Traditional Chinese Medicine on Chinese-Americans’ Oral Health and Dental Care Utilization
Mentor: Dr. Shulamite Huang

Dental Hygiene
Top 2 across all sub-categories


Presenter Name: Hirak Dave
Title: 3D Printing in Dentistry
Mentor: Hays Rosemary


Presenter Name: Adelya Mutigullina
Title: Saliva-Based Early Cancer Detection in Dental Screening
Mentor: Dianne L. Sefo

Masters/PHD/Research Scholars
Top 2 across all sub-categories


Presenter Name: Guilherme H Souza Bomfim
Title: Unveiling the Impact of ORAI2 Deletion on Bone
Mentor: Rodrigo S. Lacruz


Presenter Name: Casey Griffin
Title: The role of splicing factors in neural crest and craniofacial development
Mentor: Jean-Pierre Saint-Jeannet