Global Research Collaborations

In the past few years, more than three dozen NYU Dentistry faculty members have led collaborations with overseas colleagues. Below is a list of activities provided by faculty members.   

Collaborators: Camilo Anauatenetto, Marcela Carrilho, FAbio nascimento, Niraldo Paulino

Organization: Universidade Anhanguera, São Paulo, Brazil

Research topic: Propolis Antimicrobial Properties

This project aims at unravelling the antimicrobial properties of propolis bee extracts on oro-pharyngeal infections.

Collaborators: Emmanuel Dias, Anamaria Camargo, Ana Teresa Vasconcellos

Organizations: Hospital do Cancer AC Camargo, São Paulo, Brazil, LNCC, Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Research topic: Oral Microbiome in Thyroid Cancer

This project looks at the role of the oral and pharyngeal microbiome on thyroid cancer