About Us

We have one goal - to defeat your oral precancer or cancer. When oral cancer or precancer is suspected or diagnosed, your healthcare decisions are pivotal to your future wellbeing. Experts at the NYU Oral Cancer Center will help inform you about treatment options and guide you through the process of making treatment decisions. With our multidisciplinary team of seasoned clinicians, we think that NYU Oral Cancer Center is the best place for treating your oral cancer or precancerous lesion.

Your Care Team

We understand that oral cancer affects all aspects of your life. To support you in mind, body and spirit, we create a personalized care team that puts your needs first. Your care team will consist of a specialized group of clinicians that may include head and neck oncologic surgeons, plastic surgeons and dentists as well experts in pain management, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, psychology, nutrition, speech and swallowing therapy, rehabilitation and spiritual support. These experienced and caring professionals will guide you through each step from initial consultation and diagnosis through surgery and rehabilitation.

Pioneering Research

Our team includes world leaders in clinical trials and research studies. You may be a suitable candidate to volunteer for a research trial that pioneers new approaches for prevention, detection or treatment of oral cancer. You may be among the first to benefit from these scientific advancements.

Our clinical research focuses on:

  • Early cancer detection
  • Clinical applications of research
  • Treatment protocols
  • Pain management

Innovative Pain Management

Pain is subjective and personal. We believe that pain relief is a critical component of healing and essential for a good quality of life. Research reveals that pain levels may be swayed by your age, emotions and perception, pain threshold, fatigue, and by psychological and social factors. Our pain specialists consider these factors along with the latest pain management research when determining the best approach for managing your pain. Read more about pain research and our Cancer Pain Laboratory

Knowledge is Power

We're here to guide and educate as well as treat. Patient education is a critical part of an oral cancer diagnosis. It is our job to help you learn about your disease as well as treatment approaches. We'll discuss the relevant forms of oral cancer, treatment approaches, medications, timelines and subspecialists. We also want you to know about oral cancer prevention and detection techniques so that you can tell your friends and family. The knowledge you impart might save them from a cancer diagnosis.