Translating knowledge into treatment

Translating Knowledge into Treatment

NYU Oral Cancer Center draws together a cadre of world-class clinicians and scientists with expertise in oral cancer. Our scientists and practitioners collaborate to generate knowledge relevant to new treatment approaches. We share this critical information with other laboratories and clinics to improve patient outcome. This process of applying knowledge from basic science and clinical trials to create techniques, tools, and therapies that address specific medical needs and improve health outcomes is termed translational research.

We fight oral cancer on every front: through prevention, early diagnosis, pioneering treatments, and scientific breakthroughs. This integrated approach helps us provide extraordinary care for our patients and also leads to the creation of innovative cancer therapies that advance the field.

Cancer Pain Laboratory

Our Cancer Pain Laboratory is uniquely positioned to address oral cancer pain in patients and to undertake research on oral cancer symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Learn more about the Cancer Pain Laboratory.

Clinical Research

Our world class researchers are engaged in clinical trials to evaluate innovative tests and treatments for oral cancer. Participants may be among the first to benefit from successful new interventions. Learn more about clinical research trials.