Cancer Pain Lab

Our research scientists study cancer at the cellular, molecular, and systems level. Their research discoveries are the catalysts for innovative therapies and treatment plans that directly benefit our patients.

Cancer Pain Lab

H-E staining (Nerve tissue and squamous cell carcinoma)

With the goal of alleviating oral cancer pain and suffering, our researchers tackle the challenge from many different perspectives. They develop new drugs to ease symptoms. They conduct basic scientific studies to understand how cancers develop and progress. They investigate genomic subtleties in cancers to glean a more nuanced understanding of the pain-producing mechanisms initiated by the cancer. And they amass preclinical data on mechanism-based therapies for use in clinical trials.


The close collaboration between the Cancer Pain Laboratory and the NYU Oral Cancer Center accelerates transfer of new knowledge. By bridging the gap between research discoveries and clinical practice our patients benefit from the rapid delivery of new treatments.

Our scientific and clinical research spans a broad spectrum from basic research at the cellular level to innovative new techniques for surgical reconstruction.

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