Research Focus

Dr. Ye’s laboratory focuses on understanding how peripheral nerves interact with the oral cancer microenvironment to mediate pain as well as tumor progression. To decipher shared molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying cancer progression and pain, her lab combines 2-D and 3-D cell culture, calcium imaging, electrophysiology, microscopy, molecular and genetic manipulations, pharmacology, and behavioral testing in experimental models of oral cancer pain. Understanding the overlapping mechanisms responsible for oral cancer progression and pain may lay the foundation for the development of novel therapeutics for cancer and cancer pain.


Complete listing available on the NYU Health Sciences Library site.

Active Projects

W81XWH-22-1-0723 (Ye)
09/30/2022 – 09/29/2025

Treating Oral Cancer Pain with LRP1 Agonists

R01DE032501 (Ye)
09/19/2022 – 09/18/2027

Targeting HB-EGF and trigeminal EGFR for oral cancer pain and opioid tolerance

R01DE029493 (Ye)
04/01/2020 – 03/31/2025

Schwann cell activation in oral cancer perineurial invasion and neuropathic pain