Incoming Students

DDS Students  

DDS scholarships are given to a select number of students based on a holistic review, including factors such as academic ability and demonstrated need. Scholarship recipients are determined by the DDS Admissions office.

Typically, incoming DDS students are able to borrow up to $47,167 in Federal Unsubsidized Stafford loans for their first academic year. Students who would like to borrow up to their cost of attendance will be able to apply for the Federal Graduate Plus Loan. Both of these loans will be automatically included in the financial aid package for all eligible DDS students; parental data is not required for these particular loans.

Admitted DDS applicants who do provide their parental data/income on the FAFSA may also be considered for the Health Professions Loan or the Loan for Disadvantaged Students. For additional information about these specific loans, please visit the Health Professions Student and Disadvantaged Student Loans page.

Postgraduate and Master's Students

Incoming postgraduate and master’s students may be eligible to utilize up to $20,500 in Federal Unsubsidized Stafford loans during the academic year. Students who would like to borrow financial aid up to their cost of attendance will be able to apply for the Federal Graduate Plus Loan. Both the Unsubsidized and Grad Plus loans will be automatically included in the financial aid package.

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Dental Hygiene students

Incoming Dental Hygiene students may be eligible to receive a Merit Scholarship award. All Merit Scholarship recipients are selected by the Hygiene Admissions department upon admission to the program. Incoming Hygiene students who submit the FAFSA may be eligible to receive a Hygiene Scholarship. The Hygiene Scholarship award is based on financial need, which is determined by the Expected Family Contribution from the FAFSA.

Incoming Hygiene students will also be automatically reviewed for any grants that they are eligible to receive. All scholarships and grants for incoming Hygiene students will be automatically accepted on the student's behalf by NYU Dentistry.

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General Information For All Dental Students

Complete the FAFSA

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and wish to be considered for federal financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students may apply as early as October 1 in the year prior to enrollment. The priority filing deadline is May 1, but the FAFSA may be completed after this date. NYU’s school code is 002785.

Once your FAFSA has been submitted and processed, a Student Aid Report (SAR) will be sent to you by email or by postal mail from the U.S. Department of Education. Review the data carefully, update, and re-sign the FAFSA if changes are required.

Financial aid packages are typically made available to students in the middle of May or early June. Once your information is reviewed, we will send you a financial aid award letter via your NYU email. The award notification email will detail the types of student loans and amounts for which you may be eligible to receive. Scholarship recipients will have their scholarship awards accepted on their behalf.

If additional information is needed, there will be a request in your Student Center on Albert under your "To Do" list.

For additional information about the process, please be sure to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on our webite.


Payment of Tuition

Incoming dental students should be sure to confirm the payment deadline for their upcoming semester on the NYU Billing and Payment Due Dates page. The dates in the charts below are approximate billing and payment deadline dates.  


DDS, Advanced Standing, and Postgraduate


Billing Date

Payment Due Date

Fall semester

May 27

June 17

Spring semester

December 4

January 3

Other Dental Programs


Billing Date

Payment Due Date

Fall semester

July 16

August 6

Spring semester

December 4

January 3


Mailed or Hand-delivered Payments

Please mail or deliver payments to:

NYU College of Dentistry Bursar
345 East 24th Street, room C-118
New York, NY 10010

*Please do not send payments to the main NYU campus Bursar.


Deferment of Undergraduate Loans

If you have federal loans from your undergraduate studies, they may be deferred while you are enrolled in the College of Dentistry. General information about repaying your student loans is available on the Federal Student Aid website. You may also contact your lender directly to review your options.


Additional Resources

For further resources about financing your dental education, managing student loans, and planning repayment strategies, you may refer to the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) website for their Educational Debt Management Materials for Dental Students and Dental Loan Calculator.


International Students

Currently, the only loan option for international students is to borrow an alternative (private, non-federal) loan with an eligible U.S. cosigner. Additional information can be accessed at NYU’s Reference List of Private Lenders.


Contact Information

Office of Student Financial Services
NYU College of Dentistry
433 First Avenue, Suite 125
New York, NY 10010
P: (212) 998-9830
F: (212) 995-4240

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